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How Tech Companies are Celebrating Pride Month 2022 Edition

It's Pride Month! Here is how tech companies are supporting and celebrating LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace during Pride Month 2022. There are lots of guest speakers, special events, history lessons, drag bingo, and more planned! 

This year for Pride Month, Perch will be celebrating with a variety of events throughout the month of June. To kick off the month, we will be launching a variety of campaigns encouraging our employees to add their pronouns to their email signature and Slack profiles, as well as adding the Pride flag to all of their online platforms.

We will also be hosting two company-wide events. The first one will be a Perch Connection Conversation Panel where we will be moderating a panel with members of our Perch Pride ERG to discuss the experiences of being part of the LGBTQI+ community in the workplace. To close out the month we will be having a virtual drag bingo show!

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Celebrating Pride at Nexthink is all about supporting and respecting our colleagues. This month, we’re hosting a series of PRIDE events throughout our offices all over the world, from brunches to apéros, to bring our teammates together and foster unity, tolerance and, of course, pride for our LGBTQIA+ friends, family and colleagues. We’re also hosting a Pride Panel in partnership with the Athena Collective and some of our very own Nexthinkers. In addition to these month-specific celebrations, we make a concerted effort to champion diversity programming all throughout the year; we have ongoing Diversity Dialogue webinar sessions; we use inclusive language in the products we build; we run our job descriptions through a gender decoder to help uncover and eliminate language that might subtly bias applicants. Plus, our Talent Acquisition team participates in Diversity Training to make sure equality is always top of mind in our hiring. We’re always looking for ways to improve our efforts and foster a safe, tolerant environment where our team is comfortable and proud to be themselves.  

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Throughout the year, we hold events hosted by our ZoomInfo Pride Employee Resource Group and this year, we were thrilled to work with James Barnes the Trans Coach to present LGBTQ+ Understanding & Empathy, deliberately holding this event ahead of Pride month because at ZoomInfo, we practice inclusivity, LGBTQ+ understanding, and celebration all year long.

This June, we're looking forward to hosting a Drag Culture & Impact presentation to discuss Drag's influence on the LGBTQ+ movement, media, arts, pop culture, and the world around us.

In addition, a percentage of proceeds from these events will be donated to Outright Action International, which supports the LGBTQ+ community in the Ukraine.

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This Pride Month, JOOR is taking a stand and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community in our workplace by sharing resources about the month's history, the importance of pronouns and ways to be a better ally to our LGBTQ+ colleagues. We are also hosting global events for everyone to get involved with including having Svetlana Stoli, the Russian powerhouse, host a Drag Queen Bingo game live in our NY office!! We are also partnering with Confetti, for a virtual LGBTQIA+ History & Culture Jeopardy game, where employees will learn and be tested on LGBTQ+ terms, pride around the world, activists, and more! On top of that, we are changing our JOOR logo to incorporate the colors of the LGBTQ flag for PRIDE Month! We are excited to celebrate this month but also all year round!

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Duck Creek is once again celebrating PRIDE this year with a variety of events, speakers, and educational resources. Each week will focus on a different theme: awareness, current issues, allies in action, and closing with celebration. Duck Creek Gives Back is also partnering with local organizations in several US cities to collect supplies for homeless youth, primarily members of the LGBTQ+ community. Local Duck volunteers will be dropping these off in June and the efforts will continue throughout the year.

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We are very excited to be celebrating Pride! On June 1st, Mynd announced our newest MRG (Mynder Resource Group), PRISM (People Respecting Individuality and Sexuality @ Mynd). We are so proud to officially launch the resource group and will be celebrating all month long. We will be releasing a Pride video, featuring our Mynders, in addition to providing educational and celebratory offerings throughout the month on our company-wide internal channels and via our social channels as well.

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During the month of June, our DEI committee will continue with weekly share outs highlighting resources, history, and incredible folks within the LGBTQIA+ community. A member of the queer community (it's me!) will be giving a Lunch & Learn on the history of Pride month to be followed by our Pride Party Happy Hour, including trivia from the Lunch & Learn, a pride flag color challenge, and Drag King bingo!

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For this year’s Pride, connectRN is celebrating with a combination of in-person and remote events to meet the lifestyle of both our HQ team and the clinician population that we serve. We will be hosting an educational storytelling event to highlight LGBTQ+ experiences from our teammates, and planning a variety of live events to celebrate together. A major tenet of connectRN Pride is rooted in community orientation, and this year we will be supporting local and national LGBTQ+ owned businesses as well as volunteering in health and wellbeing spaces that directly benefit members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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We're kicking off the month by featuring/spotlighting our LBGTQ+Ally employees in our social posts, they'll share personal stories, experiences in the community and how they're excited to give back to the community with Spoiler Alert.

We'll then identify primarily black trans focused organizations to help support, whether with pledges in time or with donations.

Finally, we'll close out with some other planned LGBTQ+ initiatives to give back to the community along with featuring our current partners we volunteer with and donate to already.

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This year Workhuman Pride will focus on illuminating connection, purpose, and the whole human. We’ll be shining a light on our humans and their personal Pride stories in a panel discussion, and will be adding a special glow to this year’s celebrations with a drag bingo event. And this year is a special one… for the first time since 2019, Workhuman will be marching in-person at two Pride parades in Dublin Ireland and Providence Rhode Island. We’ll illuminate the streets of Dublin and Providence during these weekend events, and bring our office spaces to life with an in-office celebration to boot.

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Vista is hosting a variety of rich and exciting events for team members to attend throughout June, including happy hours, Drag D&I workshops, and virtual talks like the Director's Perspective on TRANSTYX - Tunisian Film and Play, La Barber - Queer Barber Shop in Berlin, Tiq Milan - Trans Rights Speaker and Lenny Emson from KyivPride NGO. These virtual events are scheduled for a variety of time zones, and will be recorded and available async to all team members across the globe. For our team members located in Spain in the Barcelona area, we wholeheartedly encourage them to attend an in person happy hour and to march as a group in the Parade, thanks to VistaPrint becoming an official sponsor of Barcelona Pride Festival!

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The Pridecones offer regular programming all throughout the year, but of course, our Pride Month programming is the pinnacle of our offerings. This year for Pride Month, a committee of 7 people organized 4 virtual events, a month-long volunteer drive, and created 3 pieces of Cedar / Pridecones branded swag. The events include a panel focused on queer business owners, a panel discussing gender-affirming healthcare with medical professionals, a Drag Bingo extravaganza, and a live recording session of our Pridecones podcast that will feature a mixology class led by a queer business owner. It's our hope that by providing a wide variety of offerings that amplify queer voices, further educate our allies, and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, that the impact will extend far beyond the month of June.

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Motional, a global leader in driverless technology, is proud to honor PRIDE Month. The company will be hosting internal celebrations across its U.S. offices, and will be featuring members of its Pride, Resources, Inclusion and Support at Motional (PRISM) Employee Resource Group on Motional's social channels.

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Celebrating Pride at Nexthink is all about supporting and respecting our colleagues. This month, we’re hosting a series of PRIDE events throughout our offices all over the world, from brunches to apéros, to bring our teammates together and foster unity, tolerance and, of course, pride for our LGBTQIA+ friends, family and colleagues. We’re also hosting a Pride Panel in partnership with the Athena Collective and some of our very own Nexthinkers. In addition to these month-specific celebrations, we make a concerted effort to champion diversity programming all throughout the year; we have ongoing Diversity Dialogue webinar sessions; we use inclusive language in the products we build; we run our job descriptions through a gender decoder to help uncover and eliminate language that might subtly bias applicants. Plus, our Talent Acquisition team participates in Diversity Training to make sure equality is always top of mind in our hiring. We’re always looking for ways to improve our efforts and foster a safe, tolerant environment where our team is comfortable and proud to be themselves.

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At Bamboo Health, we are excited to celebrate Pride Month with several initiatives. We’ve made updates to our HRIS system to make it more inclusive by adding non-binary as a gender selection and allowing employees to display their pronouns on their profile. We’re also hosting a Trans-Inclusivity Workshop where we will learn ways to reduce harmful outcomes that stigmas create in marginalized populations. Lastly, we’re partnering with Sweet Evening Breeze, a local Louisville, KY organization that works to address homelessness among LGBTQ+ youth. We’re donating 100 care kits that will provide toiletries and other necessities to the youth and are encouraging employees to join us.

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The theme of Salsify's Pride events and initiates this year is being beyond an ally in and out of the workplace. Some of the events employees can participate in is drag bingo, a cooking class led by a chef from the LGBTQIA+ community, and an awareness in the workplace workshop led by a speaker.

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During Pride month and throughout the entire year, we celebrate our Toast LGBTQIA+ communities and recognize the unique identities and contributions that make us better. Multigrain is our ERG for LGBTQIA+ Toasters and their allies. All year long, Multigrain hosts informative workshops and networking events, and creates a safe space for us all to learn together. This community truly encompasses our "embrace a hospitality mindset" value by welcoming everyone, fostering a supportive environment, and helping all Toasters grow.

During Pride month, Multigrain will be hosting a variety of events, including trivia nights, virtual celebrations and activities, and mentorship opportunities for our community. We will also be provided learning opportunities, charitable giving resources, and supporting local Pride parades where applicable. Follow our Instagram channel, @LifeAtToast, to hear from Multigrain's newest board members on what Pride means to them!

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Lose It! celebrates Pride Month! We invite our users to personalize their experience in our app ( by selecting our Pride theme and checking out our gender inclusivity profile settings. A proud sponsor of Rhode Island PrideFest 2022 (, we welcome all to come by our table on June 18, 2022 to spin the wheel of prizes and pick up some swag! We are also offering to reimburse our employees who would like to participate in local pride events in their cities.

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At Panorama, Panorainbow (our LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group) and the Pride Month Committee have a month full of activities planned including political action and collective action, inclusive language presentations, and a pride hackathon.

Also, each week throughout the month of June we will be sharing a Pride Month Newsletter, which highlights ways to lift the voices of the LGBTQ+ community through books, artists, films, music, businesses, news, social media, organizations, and more.

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At SevenRooms, our #RainbowRoomies Employee Resource Group is celebrating Pride Month with some amazing events. We'll kick off the celebrations by having an in person happy hour at an LGBTQ+ owned establishment for our Rainbow Roomies and allies in NYC.

Later, we'll keep the party going by holding a virtual drag bingo hosted by Screaming Queens.

It's all part of our effort to make DEI intentional by creating a more inclusive workplace through recruitment, retention, professional development, networking and mentorship.

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One of our five Employee Resource Groups (ERG) Out @ Recorded Future, alongside our D&I committee, is dedicated to empowering and promoting visibility of the LGBTQIA+ employees of Recorded Future and allies. For this Pride Month, all parts of the business have come together to offer various opportunities to employees. Employees will have the opportunity to participate in celebratory programming like an LGBTQIA+ Trivia, a Drag Bingo, pride-themed happy hours and mixers, as well as celebrate Pride at DC’s Pride Parade on June 11th. Pride Month is also about learning and giving back. For this reason, our training team has put together a LinkedIn Learning Path focusing on being a good ally in the workplace and building an LGBTQIA+ supporting organization. Insikt Group, our research division, is also drafting a Pride report, to be published this month, that focuses on Russia's Anti-LGBTQIA+ War. Finally, employees will be encouraged to take a day off for volunteering, this Pride Month or in the near future.

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We’re full of Pride year-round at CarGurus, but go even bigger in June to join the global celebration, conversation, and push for acceptace and change. Our 2022 Pride month activities include:

  • An AMA with a senior leader in our LGBTQ+@CarGurus ERG about his experience being out in the workplace for 20+ years, followed by a celebratory happy hour featuring drinks and treats from LGBTQ+-owned businesses
  • A talk with queer Lao and Vietnamese community organizer Kevin Lam, who’s bringing social transformation to Asian communities in Boston and beyond
  • An interactive workshop to help Gurus become even better allies to those in marginalized groups in their daily work and lives
  • A Pride-themed CarGurus email signature for all employees to use as a show of support and solidarity
  • A roundup of steps everyone can take to learn about, honor, and support LGBTQ+ people and initiatives everywhere

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EnergySage is excited to celebrate PRIDE month! Team members from our employee-organized Making a Difference committee have arranged a movie screening and discussion of Paris is Burning, as well as a lively LGBTQ-themed trivia event emceed by Boston-based Queen, Zon Legacy Phoenix. Event donations will be collected for The Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization providing crisis support services for LGBTQ+ young people.

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In honor of Pride this year at Zus we have started a Pride book club & discussion channel. We are reading Stonewall by Martin Duberman. Later this month we will have in person and virtual roundtable discussions with lunch catered (or reimbursed) from LGBTQIA+ owned businesses.

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To help celebrate Pride Month, Forward Financing is hosting two workshops led by external speakers for our team members. The first session will dive into the history and intersectionality of both Pride Month and Juneteenth, and the second session will train employees on foundational LGBTQIA+ terms, key concepts, and actionable allyship tips. Lastly, Forward has made company donations to two charitable organizations that support the LGBTQIA+ community, and sent additional information about each organization to our team members. We are excited to continue our support of the LGBTQIA+ community!

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At Catalant we are kicking off Pride Month with our 3rd annual Virtual Piano Bar. Jon Richardson, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and vocalist based in Provincetown is turning up the volume during this event that quickly has become one of Catalant's favored traditions. Our LGBTQ+ ERG, Rainbow Road, is sponsoring other pride month iniatives to drive chariable donations and support for Boston queer owned businesses.

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Gitlab recognized and celebrates PRIDE month in a number of ways, including:

  • Virtual Pride Parade
  • Async Pride Education & AMA
  • Virtual Drag Bingo
  • Pride Month Literature Party

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📚 READ: Resources! We are working on an AWESOME resource guide with events, books, films, and so much more you can utilize this month and beyond. 

👀 SEE: NYC friends, we've scheduled a visit to the Leslie Lohman Museum! It will be on 6.30 and it's around the corner from the office. 

ACT: Stay tuned for an invite to "Call for Equality & Coffee Chat" on 6.22 where we'll jump on Zoom and advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights by sending letters to senators, organizations, and other government reps!

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Shoobx’s Underrepresented Founders Grants program supports those of the LGBTQ+ all year long and was born out of their mission to make equity management more equitable – involving grants that cover subscription fees for the company’s software platform and providing access to other resources.

Shoobx invites companies to apply for their program if founding members identify as underrepresented in the startup community – whether because of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, or other factors.

There are a lot of parallels to the startup ecosystem and founders, attorneys, and investors face daily on how they should act, and what they should know. Shoobx’s Underrepresented Founders Grants Program can provide resources to founders to demystify how to get started – and educate them on what to expect, making for an inclusive and welcoming environment for all, regardless of how they identify themselves.

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For Pride Month at DraftKings, our Business Resource Groups, DK Pride and DK Shades, are hosting a fireside chat on June 8th with Jason Collins, the first-ever openly gay player in the NBA. In this fireside chat, Jason talks about his achievements as a professional athlete, policies that have been created to support athletes, the importance of allyship throughout his NBA career, and sound advice to strengthen the Black and LGBTQ+ communities.

DraftKings will also spotlight the co-chairs from the DK Pride Business Resource Group to share their stories, accomplishments, and goals during their time as leaders of this community.

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For Pride Month at Amwell, we have an upcoming Pride presentation on June 30th with the theme Pride Across the Globe.

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A couple ways that Embark recognizes and celebrates PRIDE month:

  • Putting together "pride boxes" for employees which will include a hat with Embark's Pride logo and "Pipcorn" from a LGBTQIA-owned business
  • Inviting employees to participate in an "All the Letters" workshop by Monica D. Livingston on understanding and supporting LGBTQIA+ colleagues and communities

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In honor of Pride Month, Skillsoft is taking both internal and external actions to drive continuous improvement and progress for LGBTQ inclusion through a Lean / Love / Lead learning experience. From an internal perspective, Skillsoft is furthering its commitment to DEI by elevating the voices of underrepresented communities within our company through an inaugural Employee Advisory Group (EAG). Additionally, we’re organizing a virtual Pride Parade via Microsoft Teams to build community across the organization and providing Pride “swag” for purchase with all proceeds going to the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (G.L.S.E.N).

From an external perspective, Skillsoft is publishing two blogs in honor of Pride Month: one authored by a co-chair of Skillsoft’s LGBTQIA2S+ Employee Advisory Group (EAG), Chris Whalen, focused on how the EAG is taking Skillsoft employees on a learning experience to Learn, Love, and Lead, as well as another blog focused on how to become an inclusive leader, with contributions from our EAG co-chairs. In addition, Skillsoft’s podcast, The Edge, has released an episode with guest speaker, Antonia Forrester, Senior XR Technical Specialist at Unity and LGTBQ+/DEI advocate, to discuss her learning journey as a self-taught coder, and how she has used technology to assist in her advocacy work for women in tech and the LGBTQ+ community. Lastly, Skillsoft has organized an Inclusive Leadership webinar with Flavia Moreira, an influential DEI leader, who will provide guidance on how to foster diversity, equity and inclusion within your organization through inclusive leadership practices, as well as through frameworks to facilitate dialog.

We encourage all learners to check out Skillsoft’s DEI courseware series, which teaches allyship best practices and how to use privilege and power to support and raise the voices of those who remain underserved. 

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