Shoobx is the only comprehensive platform to manage startup corporate legal activity from formation to exit.


Landmark Center, 401 Park Dr. #802
Boston, MA 02215

Company Overview

Shoobx modernizes corporate activities for startups so entrepreneurs can focus on what matters, their business. Resources are limited and you may not always pay attention to all the legal details of your growing company, but those oversights become costly and messy issues when your company reaches a financing or liquidity event. That’s why we’re here. We take care of corporate complexity from formation to exit.

With Shoobx, everything is created, executed, stored, and reported in one place from day one. Your Shoobx data room grows with you and securely stores all of your documents as you take actions so your company is always ready for a fund raise or exit. reports and analytics—like a dynamic capitalization table or an employee onboarding report—give all of the right people immediate access to the company’s data any time they need it. We make the right way, the easy way.

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