By: Colin W. Barry | January 15, 2018
We spoke with NowRenting Founder Edward Giardina about how his company is filling in the blanks when it comes to landlords' and realtors' jobs and how the Rhode Island company is becoming integrated into the Boston tech scene.
By: Keith Cline | January 12, 2018
Here's your look at the latest hires, promotions, and board appointments across the Boston tech community at ezCater, Formlabs, GasBuddy, WordStream, Notarize, Wiser Solutions, AAUW, ViralGains, Sidekicks, HMS, Progress Partners, and Vecna Robotics.
By: Colin W. Barry | January 12, 2018
Here's your preview of events coming your way in Boston's startup and tech sector!

BizzPage Spotlight

Helping the world run better and improving people’s lives. This is our enduring cause; our higher purpose. 

By: Colin W. Barry | January 11, 2018
Alice's Table fulfills two specific markets: women looking for a “side hustle” and women looking to start a small business. We spoke with Alice Lewis, the Founder and CEO, about how their platform empowers women and she previews her appearance on ABC's Shark Tank.
By: Christina Luconi | January 11, 2018
With so many different social media apps out there, but it can be, sometimes, too absorbing and having us seeking validation of self-worth for a few "likes". Christina Luconi shares her views on social media posts and how in the grand scheme of things, it may matter less than you think.
By: Colin W. Barry | January 11, 2018
FamilyID is a cloud-based SaaS platform for program providers such as schools, camps, clubs and recreational centers where collecting registration forms is a requirement. Company Founder and CEO Rochelle Nemrow shared her story of being a parent fed up with filling out the same registration forms over and over again.

BizzPage Spotlight

Greeting cards re-imagined. Laser-cut paper art and pop-up cards for every occasion. Give something different.

By: John Arsneault | January 11, 2018
Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the booming tech sectors, not just in Boston but in the tech scene at large. However, it can be challenging for companies to jump in and figure out what to do with AI. John Arsenault gives insight on what companies can do and offers comparison to early Internet companies.
By: Keith Cline | January 10, 2018
We connected with Carbon Black’s Chief Architect Scott Lundgren to learn a little bit more about the company's engineering team. Lundgren shared with us how the platform works and what kinds of events the company participates in.  
By: Colin W. Barry | January 10, 2018
VentureFizz is giving our readers an inside look to the blockchain and cryptocurrency scene in Boston. In Part 2 of this series, we spoke with several investors about how they are involved with Boston’s blockchain/cryptocurrency scene.