By: Keith Cline | December 15, 2017
Here's your look at the latest hires, promotions, and board appointments across the Boston tech community at TriNetX, Formlabs, Threat Stack, PatientsLikeMe, M.Gemi, TripAdvisor, SHYFT Analytics, LogMeIn, Workbar, Tamr, Paint Nite, Fusion Worldwide, Kitewheel, and Shearwater.
By: Keith Cline | December 14, 2017
What does the career path and a day in the life look like for the Director of People Operations at Placester? We decided to interview Jane Jaxon at Placester to find out.  
By: Colin W. Barry | December 14, 2017
TurnGram as a social media photo concierge that will deliver Instagram photos to a selected destination. VentureFizz connected with Founder and CEO Arian Radmand about how visiting his family served as inspiration and how the platform works. It can also make a great gift for those who like photography!

BizzPage Spotlight

SiteSpect is leading the advancement of testing, targeting and personalization software that empowers the world's most successful digital businesses.

By: Colin W. Barry | December 14, 2017
If you're looking to make individual investments, but don't have the knowledge of the market, Keel is a platform designed to solve this problem by connecting users with experienced investors. We spoke with Keel's Co-Founders Andrew Kelley and Sophia Lin about how the platform works and their time spent at the DCU FinTech Innovation Center.
By: Christina Luconi | December 14, 2017
When you attend a conference, one thing you can take note of is noticing how all the speakers have their own "voice" and how it can inspire someone for a change. Christina Luconi writes about how finding your own voice can result in positive changes in your life.
By: Brianne Shelley | December 13, 2017
WordStream's SVP of Customer Success Kristen Yerardi spent most of her career in tech coding and programming, but then later focused on information architecture at Molecular before moving onto WordStream. Brianne Shelley spoke with Yerardi about her career, where she also shares advice for upcoming college graduates.

BizzPage Spotlight

ZappRx is a digital health company that is modernizing the process required to get specialty drugs to patients, and relieving paper burden for clinicians.

By: Colin W. Barry | December 13, 2017
From Monday to Wednesday this week, VentureFizz is introducing Startup Institute's Fall 2017 graduates. Today, we are showcasing the graduates from the Web Development track.
By: Colin W. Barry | December 13, 2017
Involved has created a platform that is a micro-polling platform for government representatives to post questions that get sent out to their constituents. We spoke with Involved's CEO Jacob Dansey and Head of Marketing Caleb McDermott about how small towns in Massachusetts are utilizing the platform and the inspiration for it involving local elections.
By: Colin W. Barry | December 12, 2017
Check out our Office Tour featuring lots of pictures from PatientLikeMe's offices in Cambridge.