Panorama Education is a fast-growing national technology company focused on radically improving education. Over 1,500 school systems serving 13 million students across 50 states have adopted the Panorama platform to help educators collect data about non-academic factors that are key to each child’s success in school and in life, such as social-emotional learning and well-being, safety, teacher-student relationships, and family engagement.

Over the years, we have seen how data play a powerful role in improving school climate and culture, teaching and learning, family and community engagement, and students' social-emotional learning. We believe in supporting schools and districts from beginning to end—from administering surveys and conducting data analysis, to providing hands-on coaching and support.

Because we believe that all students deserve the highest-quality education, we've made all our research-backed survey instruments open-source and free for educators to use. We'll continue to share the best practices we learn from the innovative schools and districts we support.

We're committed to widening our perspective on what matters for students and for school success. We've since created the team and the company to do it, and we call ourselves Panorama. 

Jobs at Panorama Education

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Work with teammates who value diversity, equity, and inclusion

We support a tremendously diverse group of students, educators, and families across the country, so we are deeply committed to building and growing a diverse Panorama team. We know that the more we represent the perspectives of those we serve, the better our product and support will be.

Our team hails from 23 US states and 7 countries, and we're fluent in 8 languages. (And passable in 5 others!)

Make change in education through innovative technology

We work on the front lines of technology, research, and design in education. Today our platform powers data analytics for hundreds of school districts, thousands of schools, and millions of students every year.

We believe that education must go beyond academics to include essential levers like social-emotional learning, school climate, family engagement, and college/career readiness. Our team spends time getting to know teachers, principals, and district leaders—as a result, we build products that are useful and empathetic.

Serve as a trusted partner for K-12 schools and districts

We believe in working together to solve education's hardest problems. Our mission is to radically improve outcomes for students across the country. We collaborate every day with educators and leaders from diverse school systems.

We strive to provide equitable access to our products. We are deeply committed to our work and to each other. We love to learn, and our monthly "Lightning Talks" give teammates an opportunity to teach and to be lifelong learners.


  • Values

Focus on Student Impact

At all times, we remain focused on the impact we have for students and the families and educators who support them. What makes Panorama unique is our relentless focus on improving education, not just continuing the status quo.

Care About People

We take a human-first approach to building our organization. We care deeply about our teammates, our clients, and the students, educators, and families we serve.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

We believe Panorama is strongest when our team reflects the tremendous diversity of the students, families, and educators we serve. We aim for Panorama to be a place where team members from a wide range of identities and experiences are valued, included, and able to thrive. In our partnership with clients, we work to increase equitable access to education, especially for students from communities that have been historically underserved by America’s schools.

Progress over Perfection

We believe that the best way to have an impact in the world and to build a great company is through continuous progress, paired with iteration, experimentation, and learning. We strive to get better every day, and we take a growth mindset.

Be Bold, Be Innovative

Achieving Panorama's mission requires creativity, moonshot ideas, and new ways of thinking. We’re willing to try hard things, take big bets, and work on problems that haven’t been solved before.