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24 Impressive Women Leaders in Tech

As part of our Lead(H)er series, we have had the great privilege of interviewing so many incredibly talented women who are founders or executives at some of the fastest growing companies in the vibrant startup scene.

They’ve told us about everything from the challenges, successes, and surprises of their careers to how many cups of coffee it takes to get through a day, so take a look at our list of the talented women we’ve spotlighted this year.

Jill Wiseman

“From childhood, my goal in life has always been to be successful. I’m extremely competitive and want to be #1 in anything I do, whether that’s sports, business, or anything else. I think that attitude could have taken me anywhere -- but I’ll be honest, I never thought I’d end up as a VP of Sales.”

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Carolyn Pampino Brightcove

“Bring your whole human to work. Create a psychologically safe work environment and set goals. Then trust your team to use their wisdom. Laugh. Celebrate. Cry if you have to, and watch how much more you get done together.”

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Bridget Gleason Tidelift

"This isn’t where I thought I would be professionally, but only because I didn’t give it a lot of thought. I have always sought out interesting and challenging positions with interesting and innovative companies. My goal remains the same: to do meaningful work with like-minded people who are trying to make a difference in the world. ”

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Suzy Peled CyberArk

“I grew with the company. I have many friends here who’ve been my friends for a seriously long time now. I believe there is such a thing as “the CyberArk DNA”, and that it sets us apart from other organizations. So looking at the Company, the way it keeps evolving, makes me very proud. I see the fingerprints of the many people I know and love on it, as well as my own.”

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Potoula Chresomales Skillsoft

“Find something you’re passionate about. There’s nothing like getting up to go to work when your passion and work are aligned. Every day is a joy.”

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Erica Smith CyberArk

“Persistence and hard work pay off.  Sometimes you need to take a few steps backward to move forward, don’t be discouraged.  Maintain strong relationships. Seek mentors.  Stay positive.”

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Nancy Liberman JRNI

“I’ve had the good fortune of being at a number of startups in their growth and pivot stages. Seeing that work capture the attention of a larger suitor and having that turn into some sort of merger & acquisition activity is a proud accomplishment.”

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Heather Bentley Mimecast

“Don’t ever stop asking questions and always put yourself forward for opportunities that stretch you.  Don’t stay too long with one company- I probably made that mistake.  Moving around gives you different experiences and also makes you more well rounded."

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Bela Labovitch athenahealth

“Visualize where you would like to be and then work hard with a sense of optimism. It is important to enjoy your journey - if you are passionate and work hard but with ease, and help others along the way, there is a good chance you can achieve your career goals. Early in my career, I learned to take initiative, not let fear hold me back and that I didn’t need the title of a leader to be a leader.”

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Nausheen Moulana Kyruus

“Share your career plan with people you trust. If you don’t have a personal board of advisors/mentors, it’s time to create one. Talk to them about what you want to accomplish. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help and support, you may benefit from their experience and avoid some missteps.  ”

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Cindy Stanton Rapid7

“I never viewed my career path as having definitive milestones and/or a linear progression.  Rather, I have always looked for a team of people I can enjoy and learn from and a challenge that I find interesting.”

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Joanne Wu CyberArk

“Whether you are looking at Business Development or not:  build up your network. Your network is an asset that will be with you for life; it will follow you wherever you go.  If you are in Business Development or Sales, it can be an essential asset to furthering your business. If you are not in Business Development, you will develop contacts and friendships that may last for life.”

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Jennifer Sartor Poppulo

“Hands down, my proudest moments are those where I’ve been able to contribute to the growth members of my team members, colleagues and mentees. Seeing them achieve career success is incredibly gratifying.”

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Laura Major Motional

“Follow your passion first and foremost and keep your eyes out for creative ways to align your passion with significant needs across society. ” 

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Melissa Herman Wellframe

“My proudest accomplishment has been the growth and success of Wellframe over the last 4 years.  When I initially joined the company, we had about 30 employees, and were seeing early traction in the market.  Three years later, in 2019, we started to experience amazing progress and recognition as the model started to come together.”

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Michelle Wong Jackpocket

“What I've learned over the years is to keep things in perspective. Your career isn't going to be built after landing one 'perfect' job, or conversely, ruined from one misstep. There's so much to learn from each and every opportunity you get, and you’ll come out of this challenging period even stronger and more resilient.”

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Tzipi Avioz Mirakl

“The only clear vision of what I wanted my career to look like 10 or 20 years into the future was to do what I love. My view has always been, if I am enjoying it and passionate about what I can offer and what the role offers me, if I am challenged and learning – that's what I want to do.”

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Mary Beth Vassallo Nexthink

“The most rewarding work is developing my team, having them find personal and professional success.  Also, the value that Nexthink brings to our customers is incredibly rewarding, seeing external teams be able to tackle major challenges or have visibility where previously they were stuck guessing. I love hearing stories from our happy customers.”

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Jess Riley Pathai

“Keep focussed on what you want to ultimately achieve and don’t get distracted by opportunities that only have short term value. Be proactive about building the relationships and connections that you will inevitably need to get you there. Often you don’t get there on your own.” 

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Jenny Kim DeSmyter SS&C Eze

“Being able to help/inspire/mentor others directly or indirectly is probably the most rewarding part of my job. There are different ways to find fulfillment in your career. I realized early on that it's rewarding to impact one individual's path at a time in my industry.”

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Jackie Hazan EditShare

“Never stop learning and don’t ask for permission. Too often I hear employees say they are waiting to be told they are ready to move up or waiting for permission to jump into a new project.”

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Vinda Souza Bullhorn

“Focus on adding meaning to the world and pursuing what makes you happy and fulfilled, not following someone else’s dreams or trying to meet abstract expectations.”

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Laura Tomaino HealthEdge

“My proudest professional accomplishment had been building the HealthEdge Human Resources function, from a box of loose leaf papers on my first day to a robust and engaged team that is recognized by its peers and external organizations as being innovative, supportive, thoughtful, and inquisitive about being an employer of choice.”

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