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Company Overview

Mimecast’s mission is to make business email and data safer for more than 24,900 customers and millions of employees worldwide. Founded in 2003, Mimecast's cloud-based security, email archiving and email continuity services protect and deliver comprehensive low-risk email management with a fully-integrated subscription service. Mimecast helps reduces the complexity and cost of managing numerous point solutions traditionally used to protect email and its data. For help, please email support@mimecast.com.

Mimecast has offices in Europe, North America, Africa and Australia. Mimecast (Nasdaq: MIME) started trading on Nasdaq in November 2015.

Mimecast Email Security protects against malware, spam, advanced phishing and other emerging attacks, while preventing data leaks using targeted threat protection. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity enables employees to continue using email during planned and unplanned outages. Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving unifies email, file and instant messaging data to support email discovery and give employees fast access to their personal archive via PC, Mac and mobile apps.

Mimecast secure email services and cloud archiving are optimized for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google. For customers that have migrated to cloud services like Microsoft Office 365, Mimecast mitigates single vendor exposure by strengthening security coverage, combating downtime and improving information archiving.





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Posted on: November 19, 2015

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