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Company Overview

Brightcove Inc. (NASDAQ:BCOV) is a leading global provider of powerful cloud solutions for delivering and monetizing video across connected devices. The company offers a full suite of products and services that reduce the cost and complexity associated with publishing, distributing, measuring and monetizing video across devices. Brightcove has customers in over 70 countries that rely on the company’s cloud solutions to successfully publish high-quality video experiences to audiences everywhere. 





January 16, 2018
Every artist has their special tools. Michelangelo’s chisel and stone. Dalí’s paintbrush and canvas. Shakespeare’s pen and paper. Well here at Brightcove, our video team has some pretty cool tools too. Cinema and DSLR cameras, photo lenses, plasma, fluorescent, and LED lighting, boom and lav mics, and a whole lot of accessories to boot. Having a variety of video production equipment in your in-house studio allows you to produce professional looking video that you can...
January 12, 2018
You’ve probably heard that you need to be making more videos for your company, and maybe you’ve even started to try and figure out how to make that happen. From product marketing to recruiting, to social media, internal communications, and customer support, videos are key in getting information to your customers, employees, and audience online. Bringing video production in-house, and creating a repeatable workflow, is a great way to leverage video for your company. Building an in...
January 12, 2018
Don't miss your chance to rub elbows with some of the most influential people using video today at PLAY 2018, May 20-22 in Boston. Learn from expert panelists, marketers, broadcasters, publishers and leaders moving the needle with digital video. PLAY 2018 is packed with two and half days of 40+ sessions, workshops, and Tech Talks guaranteed to educate and inspire. Oh, and don’t forget—there’s going to be a pretty cool party (or three).           ...
January 10, 2018
I am not a big fan of prediction pieces - those missives that seek to pull a proverbial technology rabbit out of a hat and call out a new trend as it forms. More often than not, authors are off the mark. However, it is worth noting that when these predictions fall off course, it is important to analyze why they missed. Other dependencies, market appetite and conditions, or other factors could have impacted the prognostications.   So fitting then to be at CES 2018, keeping up with the lates...
January 8, 2018
For anyone living north of the equator, December 21st marks the winter solstice, the first day of the winter season. It’s the day we receive the least amount of sun, making our afternoons appear shorter and our evenings drag on forever. The further north of the equator you live, the less sunlight you get. On the flip side, people living south of the equator celebrate by ringing in the start of summer. Come June 21st, the two hemispheres switch off again, and those up north get to enjoy mor...


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