Our mission is to enable companies to drive conversion across channels

What we do
JRNI combines a customer engagement platform with applications that put omnichannel conversion at the heart of business.

We enable organizations to orchestrate powerful human-to-human experiences that increase revenue, customer loyalty, and customer lifetime value.

Who we are
JRNI is trusted by the world’s leading retailers, banks, and governments to handle their highest value customer engagements. We’ve earned multiple awards for our innovative engagement capabilities. And because multinational sales and support teams are at the heart of our business, clients are comprehensively supported with a best-in-class global service program every hour of every day.

How we work
Customer focus is a core tenet at JRNI. Without it, we'd be just another SaaS business. Strong relationships drive successful engagements, and happy and profitable customers.

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Collaborate with like-minded teammates to create things you'll actually give a damn about.

We believe in spending more time doing the things you’re passionate about, and less time on the things you do just because you have to. This belief is at the heart of our company mission, and inside JRNI, the same is true of our team.

Our Philosphy

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