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Poppulo Company Overview

Poppulo is the global leader in employee communications technology. Our pioneering software and expert advisory services are transforming internal communications, creating more connected, aligned and successful organizations all over the world. Poppulo is the all-in-one platform, built specifically for internal communicators. Plan, create, send, measure and improve your IC - all from one location.

We chose our name - which comes from the Latin word for people - because people are at the heart of everything we do, and we believe that an engaged workforce aligned behind a common purpose can transform the performance of any organization. That belief gives us our core purpose and mission: to create groundbreaking products and services that make organizations great by releasing the power of their people and putting employee communications at the heart of organizations, where it belongs.

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Our culture defines us

Poppulo’s ambition to help make organizations great by unlocking the power of their people comes from the heart of our own culture.

It lives and breathes. It shapes our vision and it’s why we always go the extra mile to help customers achieve their goals. It’s a culture of openness and innovation, of honesty and generosity, where hard work is rewarded but life outside work gets the respect it deserves. It’s why we’re a Great Place To Work and this year won a prestigious award for communicating with our own people.

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Poppulo Culture

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July 29, 2020
How we communicate, engage, and treat our employees has been a focus throughout the entire COVID-19 crisis. Now, as we look to the rhythm of the organization, it’s incredibly important to think about how we re-board employees that may have been furloughed and how we look at those that may have survived a big roundRead more →...
July 28, 2020
If you ever have that feeling that you’re a chaotic mess, everything is being flung at you, and this is not how you want to work – chill. You might think, ‘How do other people do strategic comms so effortlessly?’. The thing is, you actually know how to be strategic, but you often seem to beRead more →...
July 21, 2020
While many organizations are going above and beyond to practice awareness and sensitivity during this time when it’s needed most, there is still room for improvement.  In a Poppulo poll conducted during a recent webinar, we found that 43% are very pleased with how their leadership has been communicating, while 49% are pleased but thinkRead more →...
July 10, 2020
Friday 20th March 2020. A day that will forever be imprinted in my memory. The car radio was on and my two children were in the back.  The UK’s lockdown had just been announced, confirming what we had already suspected. In that moment we knew our lives were about to change dramatically.  My daughter silently cried. Read more →...
July 7, 2020
Businesses notoriously don’t handle redundancies well. Ask your friend who has just been made redundant: How did it go for them? We’ve all heard the one about the text being sent on a Friday at 8 pm, the news being delivered in a car park, on a fire escape, not being told at all, andRead more →...