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The Most Popular and Favorite Slack Channels from Tech Companies

Not only is Slack a key part of how people communicate these days, but it has also become a way for companies to maintain their culture while working remote over the past couple of years.

So, we thought it would be fun to showcase the most popular or favorite internal Slack channels for companies. There are definitely some unique ones to check out!

We love seeing how Toasters come together over shared interests! Slack is a great way for us to connect over hobbies, learn something new, or get to know others across the business. We have countless channels for a variety of activities, interests, or shared experiences. Below are a few of our favorites:

#cooking- Toasters' love for food extends beyond supporting the restaurant industry- we also love to cook! Our #cooking Slack channel is full of delicious recipes, Instagram-worthy photos, and advice on how to perfect just about any dish.

#pets- Does anything brighten a day like an adorable pet picture? At Toast, we call our pets "biscuits," and we love showing them off! Every day, Toasters are sharing pictures of their beloved pets- dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs! This channel is also a great place to share training tips or favorite pet-friendly activities.

#toast_parents- The #toast_parents Slack channel is a beloved space for parents across Toast. It is a safe space to share updates about your children (or as we call them, "croutons"), post adorable pictures, connect over shared experiences (both fulfilling and challenging!), or ask for advice. A recent favorite ask: "SOS: Anyone know how to get sidewalk chalk off of fabric?!"  

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Our popular and fun Slack channel is:  #doug

The purpose of the channel was originally to post pictures of our CEO's adorable Goldendoodle, Doug who works really hard in the office 😉! However, the channel has now expanded to posting any cute pet(s) and/or child(ren) pictures 😊

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Nasuni Cranks

Nasuni Bicycling Club for Events, Commuting, Track, Road, Cyclo-Cross, Mountain, Touring, Gran Fondo, Randonneur, and Recreational Cyclists.

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A space where all employees can share their furry, feathered, and scaled friends! We've seen everything from dogs & cats to newly hatched chicks, to a pair of axolotls. Slack emoji for the channel: :pumbaa: face of Pumbaa, a Boston terrier. Boston is where Droplette is based! 

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Spread love it's the Brooklyn way. This channel is used to celebrate wins and highlight our amazing coworkers!


This is a great place to see all the non-human friends of your coworkers. Don’t worry too much about the title - you’re welcome to post pictures of your own pet. Warm fuzzies guaranteed


The joys of raising and arguing with tiny versions of yourself! All things parenting, fun or not!

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With a lot of our workforce still working remotely, we rely heavily on Slack to stay connected with our teams. We have a ton of fun Slack channels that are active each day, here are a few of our favorites:

Each of our Employee Resource Groups have their own Slack channel, like #zoom_in_color, #aapi, #zip (ZoomInfo Pride), and #zoominfo_win (Women’s Initiative Network) where we discuss upcoming events, interact with daily questions, and learn more about each other, from each other.

At ZoomInfo, we love our pets! Our #dogchannel and #meowinfo channel are active each day with employees sharing photos, stories, and pet parenting advice When you work in tech, sometimes gardening is just the kind of hobby to help you unwind, and our #garden_zoomies channel is full of photos that employees share of their personal gardens!

For those of us who still love music that brings us back to our high school years, our #zoom-emo channel is where we can discuss music, nostalgia, and upcoming shows - it was never a phase!

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Our most popular channel, hands down, would be our Perch Pets page. Most days, employees share cute photos of their cats and dogs, but we've had chickens and ducks featured on this page as well! We also encourage posts of pets that are near and dear to us, even if they are no longer with us or aren't our personal pets. We hope that this channel brings positivity to the workplace and bonds team members across different teams. We've even had some clever memes created from our pet pictures. It definitely creates a sense of virtual pet therapy on days when you have a lot on your plate and need a quick pick-me-up. Fun Fact: Pet posts on this channel average reactions from 20% of our employee base.​

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#woof and #meow

For Cedarians to share all things dogs (#woof) and all things cats (#meow)


For Cedarians to talk about anything and everything related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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#outof-home-office - Channel encouraging team members to take time out of the (home) office and share their midday walks, hikes, breathers with their team!

#foodies - Channel to share delicious food we love and delicious food we make.

#family - Channel to share personal excitement: kids, pets, significant others, etc.

#reading - Channel to share interesting reads, articles, etc.

#social-share - Want some extra love on your social post? Use this channel to get more engagement from the team.

#baseball - Channel for those who have love of the game.

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The description of the channel is simply "warm fuzzies" and is used to celebrate all types of wins for the company. On any given day, there are personal call-outs and thank you's for team members, celebrating huge team milestones and wins, sharing press and company awards, celebrating birthdays and company anniversaries. It's the place everyone goes to for that daily-lift and energy around why it's so amazing to be a Mynder!

* Favorite custom Slack emoji: 🚀

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Slack channel at Linus for pet owners & lovers to share photos of their pets with co-workers throughout the day!

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Some of our favorite Slack channels include #cute-animals, #dadjokes, #hottakedebates, #eeeeeats, #tv-and-film, and #swifties (yes a channel dedicated to Taylor Swift). But one of the most popular channels is.


This is where Panoramians can give a shoutout to anyone for anything. It doesn't have its own emoji, but do you ever feel like remote high fives are missing that special "something" you get from slapping a real-life hand so hard it stings? One of our Software Engineers created a website that won't help with that but does add a degree of fun to our remote high-5s - Give your remote coworkers the high five they deserve, remotely!

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Description of the channel in terms of its purpose: Pets are a part of our families! We share pictures of our pets being cute, funny, crazy, cuddly! It’s a fun way for us to get to know the extended parts of each other’s families. Usually, we see some personality of our team members shine through in the pictures of their pets. From sleeping new puppies to styling bandanas of good boys to crazy kittens, we share it all!

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At Pluralsight, we make sure that everyone feels heard, valued and respected—because everyone deserves to be. #shoutouts is a company-wide channel that allows us to celebrate good people doing good work. This channel not only allows us to recognize our colleagues but it also allows us to cultivate a culture of gratitude.

Our values are a big deal, so we'll typically react with the value that's being embodied in the shoutout.

Check out this awesome video on how we cultivate a culture of gratitude in Slack!   

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We're a team of active outdoorsy types. We all took a ski trip this past February and had a lot of fun sharing plans and pictures throughout the Slack channel.

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Description of the channel in terms of its purpose - Flywire is a global company with 12 offices scattered around the world. This is a channel for our employees (FlyMates) to post pictures of their travels! FlyMates are often traveling for vacation or for work and we encourage our FlyMates to post pictures in the #travelfun channel. It's one of the most popular Slack channels at Flywire!

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The purpose of this channel is to celebrate wins across the company...from positive feedback from a client to a successful marketing campaign. However, it's mostly used to celebrate new customers! Favorite custom Slack emoji - The Googly Eyes 👀....when we see these eyes in the channel with a person tagged, we know that it means someone closed a new deal!

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Posts of comments on the phone and responses to emails that are HILARIOUS.


Employees use this channel to notify everyone when they’re bringing in their pup, post dog pics, etc.


Employees submit ideas for our company TikTok channel.


We complain or brag about the daily Wordle, Quordle, Octordle, Nerdle, Heardle,  etc. puzzles ...)

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A place to share pictures and stories of your SmartBear furry friends.


Say thanks to people in public - whether it's for going all out on something or being there when you needed someone to listen.


This is a hub for resources, conversations, recent news, and inspirations for understanding the importance of diversity, inclusion and equality within SmartBear, and the world as a whole.


Parent community, life hacks, activity ideas, and photos!

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We use this channel to find things in common with our coworkers for meaningful connections on non-work topics (including Question of the Week and educational resources on different cultures).

* Favorite custom Slack emoji for the channel: 

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We’re big on recognition here at CarGurus, so our #valuesinaction Slack channel is always buzzing with thank yous, shout-outs, and virtual high fives to Gurus who embody our core values in their day-to-day work and other key moments that matter. Recent posts express gratitude to individuals and teams for everything from new product launches and successful events to collaborative teaming and game-changing support. Most-used emojis vary by topic, but clapping hands 👏👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿 patter throughout the channel!

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