Hudl is changing the future of sports technology. We create software to help coaches win, athletes look like pros, and recruiters find more talent.

Our software provides more than 4.3 million coaches, athletes, trainers and analysts across 30+ sports the insight they need to win at every level of competition.

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We're changing the sports industry.  

And drafting the best talent to help.

We're a sports + technology company.

We create software to help coaches win, athletes look like pros, and recruiters find more talent.

You can read more about Hudl and our culture by reading our blog called In The Huddle.

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  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Benefits

If something is worth doing, it’s worth dominating. We’re committed to giving every project our all.


A company is only as good as the product and support it provides. Our phone lines and inboxes are always open for feedback and questions.


Our friendship isn’t bound by office walls. We hang out after work, attend each other’s weddings, and show up for a Hudlie in need.


To understand the product, we get to know our users. From clinics to campus visits, we’ll go just about anywhere to make sure our stuff works.


If there’s a problem or room for improvement, we speak to one another directly to work things out. No sugarcoating allowed. #RealTalk

We believe sports have the power to unite.

Our game plan to help support racial justice and social equity is based on three pillars:


Our business continues to grow rapidly outside of the U.S. Every Hudlie will be able to effectively work with customers and fellow employees anywhere in the world.

Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive

We’ll become a true leader in the global sports industry when our organization reflects the world we serve and we remain focused on DE&I for our employees and customers.


The psychological safety we’ll create through pillars one and two will position us to successfully build high-performing teams of Hudlies who serve customers better than anyone else.

Sabbatical - After five years, you'll have no choice but to take a two-week trip halfway around the world. Really! We’ll help pay for it.
Unlimited Vacation - You're an adult. We trust you to get work done and take a break when you need it. We measure output, not desk time.
Professional Development - We're lifelong learners who encourage professional development. Through Hudl-wide and department-specific programs, you'll see why Hudl is the best place to grow your career.
Health Insurance - We've got you completely covered. Have a family? We'll cover them at an awesome rate, too. You can choose between traditional or high-deductible HSA plans.
Amazing Team - The most valuable asset we have is our people. Come work with a super smart and talented team dedicated to making your job awesome.
Parental Leave - We understand the importance of family. Get the time off you need with our extended parental leave for both moms and dads.
401(k) with Matching - From our US 401(k), to our UK pension scheme, and everywhere in between, we want to help ensure our team meets their retirement goals.
Free Lunch - Our Lincoln and Omaha offices get lunch delivered daily, while London and Boston are treated once a week.