Flexcar empowers all walks of life the flexibility to have a car of their own without the hassles of traditional car ownership. Convenient and affordable, Flexcar is here to disrupt a 110 Billion dollar industry by providing customers an alternative to car leases and ownership.


Flexcar is rapidly growing and we want you to be a Flexster. Our team is passionate, kind, collaborative, driven, and all-in on building the next automotive game-changer from the ground-up.

  • Values

How we choose to operate

Leadership principles are our foundation for success. They are the framework of actions we each take every day to achieve outcomes and inspire others. Some companies might call these principles company values, we call them leadership principles because we want every team member across all levels and departments of the company to view themselves as leaders helping to create our culture that drives our success.

Customer Obsession

Flexsters are obsessed with doing what is right for the customer. They always start with the customer and work backwards. Flexsters work tirelessly to earn and maintain customer trust and ensure the customer's voice is present in every discussion and decision.

Debate Openly, Commit Fully

Flexsters have conviction. They passionately & respectfully challenge decisions even when doing so is difficult. Once a decision is made Flexsters commit as a united force.

Deliver Results

Results and speed matter. Flexsters move the needle by focusing on the controllable inputs, rather than outputs. They drive results every day.

Dive Deep

Flexsters stay connected to the details, audit frequently, and dive deep to understand the business at all levels.

Act with Integrity

Flexsters treat others with dignity, empathy, and always demonstrate high integrity. They build a culture where every individual is evaluated fairly and has the opportunity to succeed. Flexsters are vocally self-critical when they fall short of these ideals, even when it is uncomfortable to do so.

Grit & Focus

Flexsters work hard. They exhibit strength of character, tenacity, and resolve to achieve their goals. When Flexsters struggle, and fail, they are resilient and try again. They achieve success by identifying and prioritizing the key levers for their business and delivering results with the right quality. Flexsters are not distracted by the extraneous.


Flexsters have an owner's mindset and make decisions as if it was their own personal business. They never say, "That's not my job", but rather drive outcomes from start to finish. They act on behalf of the entire company and think beyond just their teams, solving problems so they stay fixed rather than passing them down the line.

Raise the Bar

Flexsters never settle. They continually raise standards and drive themselves and their teams to deliver high quality products, services, and processes. Flexsters take coaching and developing others seriously to uphold those standards.

Think Bold, Think Big, Think Broad

Flexsters think beyond what is and envision what could be even if others don't see it.  They then communicate this bold direction to inspire results.  Flexsters understand which decisions are reversible and take bold, calculated risks in the right situations in order to achieve big outcomes.