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Brand Ambassador (Part-time)

About Starry:

Starry is reinventing how people connect to the internet. Our mission focuses on two things first, on being an internet service provider committed to simplicity, transparency, and delight, and second, on providing high-speed internet to underserved communities both locally, nationally and globally. We approach our mission with a cutting-edge wireless technology, user experience designed to delight, and a diverse and intellectually curious company culture.

Software Engineer, Agile PT

Who are we?

Agile PT (Agile Project Tracker) is homegrown suite of productivity tools for engineering and product management. It has high visibility within Wayfair and used daily by thousands of users internally. The contributions from this team are impactful across the board. What we build directly affects the productivity of groups within Wayfair that are responsible for Product, Engineering, Analytics, Design, Front-end and QA.

Product Manager, B2B App

Who We Are

Wayfair Professional serves business customers in many industries, including Interior Design, Commercial Office, Contractor, Hospitality, Property Management, and Education. Although already generating over $1B in sales annually, we have barely scratched the surface of this $200B+ opportunity. Our goal is to become the preferred platform for professional project planning and sourcing for any industry by empowering businesses to make good spaces great so they can ultimately be more successful themselves.

Director of Product Management, Envision and Physical Retail

Wayfair believes everyone deserves a home they love, and that furnishing your home should be a source of fun, not anxiety. Our consumer-facing Product team plays a crucial role in making this vision a reality for millions of people around the world. Partnering with Engineering, Experience Design, Analytics and business leaders across Wayfair, our Product team ensures that were building technology that solves important customer problems in elegant, scalable, measurable ways.

Product Manager, Mobile Apps, Hotels

Product Manager, Mobile Apps, Hotels

TripAdvisor is looking for a highly motivated Product Manager to lead our cross functional Hotels app team that manages the Hotel Shopping Experience across our iPhone, iPad, and Android apps for some of our most loyal Shoppers globally. If you are ready to bring your A game every day, read on and lets connect.

Product Manager, Core Experience

Product Manager, CoreX (Personalization)

TripAdvisor is the worlds largest information platform for travel. More than 400 million travelers around the globe come to our site and apps each month to discover and book the best things to do, places to eat, and accommodations. The Core Experience team is looking for a highly motivated Product Manager to join in our mission to create deep engagement with travelers as they plan their trips.