Run your workplace, not vice versa

Robin’s founders, twins Sam and Zach Dunn and friend Brian Muse, began their software startup journey in an unlikely place -- at a digital agency called One Mighty Roar they started in college. After prototyping connected experiences within their office — including a conference room table that knew when a meeting was taking place -- they quickly learned that there was widespread demand for a smarter, more digitally aware workplace experience.

Enter Robin.

Companies like HubSpot, Shopify, and Twitter rely on Robin’s workplace experience software to maximize employee productivity and engagement by reducing friction throughout the workday. This simple vision has paved the way partnerships and collaborations with Herman Miller, Amazon, and Crestron, along with more than 1500 customers worldwide.


Our people are the reason we win

At Robin, we know that a great work environment is about more than just building a product people love. That's why we're actively working to create a culture that celebrates, encourages, and helps our people grow in ways that will advance their careers beyond their time here.

  • Values

Meet Robin’s DNA. Our values act as a guiding light for the work we do today to build the workplace of tomorrow.

  • Act

    Learn enough to be deliberate, then follow through.

  • Help

    Helpful people make helpful products.

  • Simplify

    Simple is memorable. Simple takes work.

  • Rally

    Make it happen as a team.

  • Celebrate

    Recognize wins everywhere we see them.