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Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Overview

Welcome to the Best Tech Secret. A place where agile teams combine a start-up mindset with Fortune 100 funding to protect customers in ways other companies haven’t considered. And where you can improve the lives of others without saying goodbye to your own.

Why bring your talent and passion to Liberty Mutual? We’ve spent the last 100-plus years putting technology and breakthrough innovations to work protecting the lives and dreams of our customers. Join us, and you’ll become part of a global leader in property and casualty insurance, with over 50,000 employees worldwide focused on protecting and preserving customers in more than 30 countries.

Eager to place human beings at the center of everything you do? So are we. Want your passions outside of work to inform the job you do inside the office? We can’t wait to hear your ideas, Ready to use modern technologies and open frameworks to inspire and empower? Let’s build something awesome together.

Jobs at Liberty Mutual Insurance

175 Berkeley Street
Boston, MA 02116

At Liberty Mutual, you’ll discover an exceptional confidence in your abilities based on shared respect, integrity and a desire to do right.

From day one, your unique passions will be embraced. You'll experience a vibrant, inclusive organization where you’ll be applauded for doing the right thing – where you’re free to fail often, for the sake of stronger outcomes. You’ll be provided with the technologies and resources you need to excel. And you’ll experience an unmatched diversity of experiences, along with an unparalleled sense of opportunity.

It’s a dynamic environment that affords us the pleasure of seeing you both strengthen your existing talents and discover new ones. Where your contributions won’t just be appreciated, they’ll be invaluable. And where your life is just as important as those you’re protecting.

So now that you know the Best Tech Secret, what will you do with it?

Steve H.

"The biggest misconception about Tech at Liberty Mutual is that the technology shop here is outdated, boring and lacks opportunity. There is a strong push for failing fast, going agile, building microservices, using the latest technology tools and building a culture of innovation."

Matt W.

"I like working at Liberty Mutual because they treat their employees very well. Liberty understands the importance of a work-life balance. Because I have significant vacation time, and a flexible workplace schedule, I come to work happier every day. I don't feel the pressure that I may be fired if I need to take a few days off or can't make it into the office due an appointment."

Matt K.

"I immensely enjoy what I get to work on every day. Reading about machine learning and applying it in a way that has actual business value is great."

Cara B.

"We are working with top notch technologies and we get to live a little. We have the best of both worlds here."

Jeremiah T.

"The sense of community working here has been a lot different than I expected at a big company. Everyone is helpful and looking to make sure you have the resources you needed to grow in the company."