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12 Must See Engineering Teams in the Tech Industry

We are halfway through 2021, so we decided to take a look back at some of the top engineering teams that we got to learn more about through our Engineering Spotlight and Inside: Engineering series.

Each spotlight gives you an inside look at the company's technical stack, the complexity of problems the engineers get to solve, the team's culture, what to expect for an interview and more.

Below is a list of the companies we've featured, along with a couple of snippets from their Engineering Spotlight or their "Inside:" video feature. 

Privy Company Culture


Can you share a summary on what Privy does?

"Privy empowers small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses both with the tools and knowledge to drive sales and grow their brand."

What is the culture like at Privy for the engineering team? 

"The engineering team is very collaborative and open to change. Not only is everyone dedicated to helping unblock each other when challenges arise, but our organization is also driven by a growth mindset to improve and adapt in areas where it is necessary."

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Interview with Maria Loughlin, Vice President of Engineering at Toast. During this video interview, Maria discusses: Details on Toast and their platform; Maria's professional background; all of the details on their engineering team in terms of how it is structured; tech stack; what to expect during the interview process; the culture at Toast and what it's like working there; hiring at Toast and why now is the ideal time to join; And more!

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Buildium Company Culture


Can you share a summary on what Buildium does?

"Buildium is a cloud-based property management software that enables managers of residential and association properties to take control of every aspect of their business, whether it is in the office or fully remote, including lease management, online rent payments, vacancy management, maintenance cycles, and accounting.

Our software is easy-to use, affordable, entirely cloud-based and specifically tailored to meet the needs of Property Owners, Property Managers, Residents and Maintenance Workers."

What can a potential employee expect during the interview process?

"I would like to describe our interview process as efficient, relaxed and welcoming. In terms of the actual process, we mainly do two rounds - a phone screening and an in person screening (on Zoom these days). The in-person screening is about 3-4 hours which includes an hour of coding exercise. You can expect to meet different people across the department where you would also get an opportunity to ask questions. In the end our goal is to have a process that gives both parties an opportunity to assess if it’s a good fit."

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Interview with Ryan Houlette, Vice President of Engineering & Co-Founder of Sense. During this video interview, Ryan discusses: The details on Sense and their platform; all of the details on their engineering team; tech stack; what to expect during the interview process; the culture at Sense and what it's like working there; hiring at Sense and why now is the ideal time to join; and more!

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Pathai Company Culture


Can you share a summary on what Pathai does?

"PathAI is a technology company focused on improving patient outcomes using AI powered pathology. We develop AI powered applications across a variety of product areas including Drug Development, Clinical Trials, and Clinical Diagnostics.  Our MLE team builds complex AI models based on deep learning to analyze high resolution images of tissue. Our Product Engineering team then builds high performance web applications to deploy, schedule, execute, and inspect the results of these models on our browser-based slide viewer, a really neat digital microscope!"

What is the culture like at Pathai for the engineering team?

"We are all about collaboration and teamwork at PathAI!  It’s awesome to be able to work on a team where you have so much autonomy and influence over the work you do. We’re small enough and doing big enough things that everyone is responsible for some critical pieces of the puzzle.  Our teams collaborate to define our direction, goals, and success criteria so we can all get the job done."

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Interview with Elisa Hebert, VP of Engineering Operations at Fairwinds. During this video interview, Elisa discusses: The details on Fairwinds and what they do; Elisa's professional background; Their tech stack; all of the details on their engineering team; cool projects the team gets to work on; what to expect during the interview process; the culture at Fairwinds and what it's like working there; and more!

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Vertica Company Culture


Can you share a summary on what Vertica does?

"Vertica helps people use data to make decisions. The core of our product is a database, convenient for storing and analyzing data. It is “enterprise ready”, meaning it provides backup, restore, and data replication for disaster recovery, features which are important to mission-critical systems. Vertica’s capability extends well beyond that of a database, to a platform that facilitates access to numerous data sources. The Vertica platform enables users to query data that is external to the database and to integrate with numerous business intelligence tools, including data visualization ones. Vertica was the first to offer in-database machine learning, bringing convenient and scalable predictive analytics to the database."

What is the culture like at Vertica for the engineering team? 

"The culture at Vertica is amazing. Everyone who works here knows that our culture is special. We’ve maintained a start-up like environment. We work together, we get things done, and we measure ourselves on the success of our customers. Consequently, Vertica truly has a cult-like following from our customers. We are proud to have so many of them consider themselves Vertica champions. No matter where they go in their careers, they take Vertica with them! That makes us so proud and we’ll keep doing what we do to make sure the enthusiasm that our customers have for our product grows."

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Interview with Dan Whitcomb, Sr. Staff Software Engineer at Drift. During this video interview, Dan discusses: The details on Drift's products; how Drift's engineering team is structured; the tech stack and cool projects that engineers get to work on; what to expect during the interview process; Drift's culture; why now is the ideal time to join Drift; and more!

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Wellframe Company Culture


Can you share a summary on what Wellframe does?

"Wellframe is a digital platform to help patients better manage their health in between visits to the doctor. Wellframe’s mobile app is a gateway that connects patients to resources from their health plan— including a dedicated care team of nurses to answer health questions and devise treatment plans, personalized educational content, and information on plan benefits and claims. We believe that fostering person-to-person relationships through technology is the best way to incentivize preventive care, which both improves member health and reduces healthcare spending."

What is the culture like at Wellframe for the engineering team? 

"Engineering culture at Wellframe is, above all, collaborative and humble. Improving patient outcomes through digital health is complicated, and it requires a lot of different skillsets— frontend, backend, devops, mobile, data science, and analytics all need to work closely together to pull it off well. There’s always another area of the platform to explore and someone willing to teach you about it."

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Interview with Michael Sattler, VP, Product and Engineering at MassChallenge. During this video interview, Michael discusses: The details on MassChallenge and what they do; about MassChallenge's engineering team; the tech stack & the cool projects that engineers get to tackle; MassChallenges Culture; details on the interview process; why now is the ideal time to join; and more!

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ZoomInfo Company Culture


Can you share a summary on what Privy does?

"ZoomInfo provides business-to-business sales and marketing professionals with the data, insights, and technologies that they need to reach their next best customer."

What are some of the different technologies that the engineering team gets to work with and at what scale? 

"Our technology stack includes (but isn’t limited to): Java, Angular, NodeJS, Grails, Groovy, Python, Spark, Hadoop, HBase, MySQL, MongoDB, BigTable, BigQuery, DataFlow, Solr, Elasticsearch, and Kafka.

Our data pipeline handles over 30 million records every day. Our applications are spread across various cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, and Azure), delivering data and insights to our customers."

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Reggora Company Culture


Can you share a summary on what Reggora does?

"Reggora is making the home appraisal process easier and faster for everyone involved. Our modern platform, used by both mortgage lenders and appraisers, leverages advanced technology, automation, and integrations to create unprecedented operational efficiency and reduced appraisal turn-times."

What is the culture like at Reggora for the engineering team? 

"We have an incredible culture of support and collegiality within our engineering team. Whether it’s through daily office hour meetings with a tech lead or a one on one developer conversation, there is always a helping hand to make sure that developers can improve daily and contribute to the team. Our number one emphasis is on collaboration and a joint team effort."

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