We’re the Vertica team, the brains behind the analytics database that is taking the industry by storm based in Cambridge, MA with offices in Pittsburgh, PA and around the world. Our engineering team solves interesting problems in distributed systems, fault tolerance, optimization, and machine learning. We control the whole engine. And our customers such as AT&T, Zynga, Uber, and others put in petabytes of data and ask whatever questions they want; it’s our job to make that easy and fast. It’s a practical twist around some tough theoretical problems.

We’re also part of Micro Focus, but we operate as an independent unit. Think of us as a mature start-up that has maintained that small-company atmosphere and hunger to achieve, while also enjoying the perks and backing of a large, stable company.

Vertica Customers


Our Mission and Values

Our mission is simple—by bridging the gap between existing and emerging technologies, we help organizations innovate faster, with less risk, in a world that’s constantly changing.​​​​
  • Everything we do is based on the idea that the quickest and safest way to get results is to build on what you have. And our software does just that.  
  • Our software bridges the gap between existing and emerging technologies, but our people make this happen. 
  • We are committed to driving innovation and we value collaboration, partnership, and leadership. 
  • We promote teamwork, diversity, and integrity, and we honour our commitments to conduct business fairly and respectfully.

Corporate Responsibility

We work to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility considerations, especially those relating to social, ethical, health, safety and environment (HS&E) issues, in our day-to-day operations. We ensure the company conducts its activities responsibly and with proper regard for all its stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, business partners, suppliers, and local communities.



Community Responsibility

Our Charity Committee supports our corporate aim of making an active contribution towards the development of the community in which we are based. We accomplish this through company and employee participation in charitable causes. As an international company, we know how important it is to make an impact in community development at multiple levels.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Action:

  • Annual budget for employees to be used on a funds-matching basis.
  • Man-days per month to be used for activities which benefit a charity.
  • Local sponsorships of sports and music clubs and school teams.​​​​​​​


Environmental Responsibility

We comply with all local environmental legislation. We have introduced a number of automated processes to reduce the quantity of paper and packaging used throughout our business. Employees are encouraged to think carefully before travelling and to use video conferencing facilities and other methods of communication in its place. Computer and other office equipment that has reached the end of its working life are resold, recycled, or donated to local organisations as appropriate.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Action:

  • Worldwide offices trained and working to reduce total energy consumption and the amount of waste generated.
  • ER program implemented to reduce both energy usage and the quantity of waste materials produced that cannot be recycled.​​​​​​​


Ethical Responsibility

We manage our resources prudently to ensure appropriate investment is made in its research and development programs and its commercialization activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Action:

  • Up-to-date security systems for company's IT protection.
  • Appropriate trademark registration and patenting program.
  • Maintaining relationships with business partners, suppliers, and shareholders.
  • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics policy with which all staff are required to comply.​​​​​​​


Social Responsibility

The health, welfare, and development of the Company's employees remains a priority. With the intent of attracting, recruiting, developing, and retaining key employees, Micro Focus maintains a number of policies and procedures that benefit its employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Action:

  • Employee development is encouraged through appropriate training.
  • Regular and open communication between management and employees is viewed as essential for motivating a highly educated workforce.
  • Intranet and Corporate website accessible to all employees.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Health and Safety

The Company has well-developed health and safety policies and procedures, safeguarding staff, contractors, and visitors and it complies with current legislation and best practice.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Action:

  • All security staff are trained with expertise in health and safety.
  • Process and procedures documented and ready.
  • Documentation and procedures for all incidents complete.


Workplace Equality

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where our colleagues can be themselves, have equal opportunities, and can perform at their best.

We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Prospective employees will receive consideration without discrimination because of race, colour, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, citizenship or any other legally protected status.