: Senior DevOps Engineer - New York Hub
1375 Broadway, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018

Employee Testimonials

Veeva Systems Employee Testimonial
Veeva Systems Employee Testimonial

Our engineering and product teams are organized around our hubs for community and collaboration. Work anywhere means you can work at home or the office on any given day. Your product hub is based on the primary location of your product. You should live within one timezone of your product hub. Our current product hubs are Pleasanton, Columbus, Boston, NYC, Raleigh, and Toronto.

As a Senior DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for building robust, scalable, reliable infrastructure to enable the team to quickly and efficiently scale-up. Youll be focused on enabling us to build an infrastructure to support data products and pipelines, and building and scaling a large scale data product from the ground up.

What You'll Do

  • Work with our Development and Product teams to help architect scalable, highly available application solutions that leverage AWS services
  • Architect Big Data workflows to be cloud-optimized
  • Work as both an infrastructure and application development specialist alongside the business, development and infrastructure teams
  • Provide deep software development knowledge with respect cloud architecture, design patterns, and programming
  • Suggest architectural improvements, design and integration solutions and formulate methodologies and best practices
  • Implement DevOps practices such as infrastructure as code, continuous integration and automated deployment
  • Build, deploy and manage CI/CD workflows which leverage GitOps practices
  • Build, manage and deploy architectures using Terraform, Ansible, and Kubernetes
  • Develop internal tools to help facilitate DevOps workflows
  • Design and build the tools, frameworks, systems, and processes that Crossix engineers use to build, integrate, deploy, scale, and manage their software
  • Automate tasks across the full CI/CD lifecycle to create an efficient developer experience and reduce manual toil
  • Scale solutions from proofs-of-concept to full production systems
  • Promote and implement best practices in observability (monitoring, tracing, alerting, logging) and high availability within the software engineering group
  • Participate in an on-call rotation to mitigate site disruption
  • Minimize the risk of reliability-related failure outcomes as pertaining to durability, availability, performance, and correctness
  • Build, Scale, and Optimize Kubernetes Infrastructure


  • 5+ years in SRE or DevOps roles, with a focus on tooling, automation and distributed systems development
  • 8+ years of overall software industry experience
  • 3+ years designing and implementing Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Extensive experience architecting, designing and programming applications in an AWS Cloud environment
  • Extensive experience building microservice architectures on Kubernetes
  • Designing and building applications using Container and serverless technologies
  • Experience architecting highly available systems that utilize load balancing, horizontal scalability, and high availability
  • Experience with continuous integration tools (e.g. Jenkins, CircleCI, Codefresh)
  • Hands-on experience using Terraform and Kubernetes at scale
  • Experience using monitoring frameworks to monitor health and performance of infrastructure and applications
  • Experience with configuration management platforms (e.g. Ansible, Chef, Salt)
  • Strong development experience using Python, Java or Go
  • Good to have experience in writing proposals and deriving estimations for DevOps projects
  • Excellent documentation and communication skill, as well as presentation and demo skills

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Perks & Benefits

  • Flexible PTO
  • Allocations for continuous learning & development
  • Annual budget to donate to the non-profit of your choice

Veeva builds enterprise cloud technology that powers the biggest names in the pharmaceutical, biotech, consumer goods, chemical & cosmetics industries. Our customers make vaccines, life-saving medicines, and life-enhancing products that make a difference in everyday lives. Our technology has transformed these industries; enabling them to get critical products and services to market faster. Our core values, Do the Right Thing, Customer Success, Employee Success, and Speed, guide us as we make our customers more efficient and effective in everything they do.

Veevas headquarters is located in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in more than 15 countries around the world.


Employee Testimonials

Veeva Systems Employee Testimonial
Jacob Marcus
VP. Engineering

Veeva’s engineering teams take a pragmatic approach to software development. We offer an ideal environment for engineers who value focus, speed and integrity in their work.

Veeva Systems Employee Testimonial
Shilpa Chandermohan
Software Engineer

I appreciate that Veeva values autonomy over alignment. As a result, we get to make decisions as a small team and ship products faster.

Veeva Systems Employee Testimonial
Durward Denham
Software Engineer

As a software engineer at Veeva, I’m proud to be doing meaningful work building clinical trial software that will benefit so many people.