Career Path & Advice for Landing a VP of Engineering Position; Interview with Melissa Leffler, Drift

In This Video

Path to VP of Engineering, a one on one interview with Melissa Leffler, VP of Engineering at Drift.

Melissa shares her career progression and lots of great advice to help you map out your own career in software engineering.

We discuss:

*  Melissa's experience at Lotus, which provided a solid foundation for her career and her experience leading engineering at multiple startups.
*  Why she passed on an opportunity in management to stay technical and why that was an important decision in her career, plus advice for engineers on how long you should remain technical before moving into management positions.
*  The key questions that everyone should ask themselves to help decide what career path they should pursue.
*  Why she joined Drift and how its engineering team is structured.
*  The difference between leadership and management and why progressing in your career doesn't always equate to management.
*  How her time is allocated as a VP of Engineering.
*  Advice on what we should be doing to develop more female leaders.
*  And more!!!

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