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By: Brianne Shelley | February 28, 2017

Shana Cooper, the Vice President of Products & Services at Kuvée, didn't expect to work on such a broad range of products, but she always loved the challenge of disrupting static industries.  Here's her story.

By: Keith Cline | February 6, 2017

Get to know... Claudia Dent, SVP of Product Management at Everbridge, a global platform for critical communications and enterprise safety. 

By: Keith Cline | January 23, 2017

Lindsey Christensen is the Head of Marketing at TetraScience.  Here's her background story and how she managed her career to the point of leading the marketing function for a venture backed company.

By: Kaite Rosa | May 2, 2016

Recently, I sat down with Jill Balis to discuss digital marketing’s evolution, what big trends marketers ought to prep for next, and a bit about what she’s working now with The Grommet.

By: Kaite Rosa | March 10, 2016

There’s a theme here connecting the companies du Toit has worked for: great people and great culture.

By: Kaite Rosa | February 16, 2016

Elizabeth Dobrska, program director at TUGG is a hustler. Always has been, likely always will be.

By: Kaite Rosa | January 18, 2016

Ellen Chisa, VP of Product Management at Paul English’s latest venture, Lola Travel, is the kind of person everyone wants on their team.