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By: Brianne Shelley | January 10, 2018

Michelle Burtchell is the VP of Marketing at Buildium in Boston. Brianne Shelley spoke with Burtchell about her career and how she ended up leading the marketing function at high growth software companies.

By: Brianne Shelley | November 8, 2017

Jennifer Hogan Mahoney is the Customer Success Manager at SmartBear. Brianne Shelley interviewed Mahoney about her career and got to learn about all the companies she has been a part of, including one in Canada.

By: Brianne Shelley | October 18, 2017

Carbonite’s Vice President and General Counsel, Danielle Sheer has always had a career in law and became introduced to the Boston tech scene through her network. Brianne Shelley interviewed Sheer about her time as being Carbonite's first in-house lawyer, as well as other parts of her career.

By: Brianne Shelley | September 13, 2017

Emmy Linder began her career not with a startup, but in the Israeli Defense Forces. Linder shared her story with Brianne Shelley in our Lead(H)er series and spoke about her time in the military and how she became involved in Boston tech.

By: Brianne Shelley | July 19, 2017

Geeta Sachdev is the CMO of Turbonomic. In her Lead(H)er profile, Sachdev shares the details of her long-running tech career, which includes working within the Austin, Texas tech scene before joining the Boston tech scene.

By: Brianne Shelley | June 13, 2017

Vanessa Kafka, VP of Product Management at KAYAK, has earned a leadership role at one of the world's leading online travel companies without a traditional product management background. Here's her story.

By: Kaite Rosa | May 2, 2016

Recently, I sat down with Jill Balis to discuss digital marketing’s evolution, what big trends marketers ought to prep for next, and a bit about what she’s working now with The Grommet.