December 30, 2014

Talent On The Move! Founder Focused 2014 In Review

This week we took a look at some trends and key hires from 2014 across the Boston tech world in a 2-part series (Part 1 & Part 2).

Today, as we get ready to head into 2015, we can only guess who will be leaving their current companies to create something special. 

With anticipation for new founders and crazy tech startups coming our way this year, we wanted to shed some light on many budding entrepreneurs who took the leap from their full-time jobs to Startup founders in 2014!

Matthew Zisow - Founder & CEO, Scratch. Previously, Chief Operating Officer, CustomMade Ventures.

Tom Boates - Founder & CEO @ Sage. Previously, VP of User Experience at RunKeeper

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Zorian Rotenberg - Founder of Stealth Mode SaaS Startup. Previously, VP, Sales & Marketing at InsightSquared.

Apparao Karri - Co-Founder & CEO @ Cintell. Previously, Director, Product Management at NetProspex.

Katie Martell – Co-Founder & CMO @ Cintell. Previously, Manager, Content & Communications, Aberdeen Group.

David Palmer - CTO & Co-Founder @ QuadWrangle. Previously, VP of Engineering at Dailybreak

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Cory von Wallenstein - CEO & Founder @ Adored. Previously, Chief Technologist at Dyn.

Anita Brearton - Founder @ CabinetM. Previously, Executive Chairman at FashionPlaytes. 

Josh Payne - Founder @ Fulfilled. Previously, Director of Product Management at InsightSquared.

Noelani McGadden - CEO & Co-Founder @ Level70. Previously, Senior Director at OnMobile.

Dan Abdinoor - Co-Founder @ Grokky. Previously, Consultant / Advisor to startups & VP of Engineering at BabbaCo.

Patrick Fitzsimmons - Co-Founder @ Grokky. Previously, Founding Engineer at HubSpot.

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