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DEI Spotlight - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Agero

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One of the top goals for many companies in the tech industry is to focus on building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce. It is also one of our top goals at VentureFizz in terms of helping to support companies on this important mission.

Companies have different approaches as it relates to how they are addressing their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, so we thought that it would be valuable to profile companies and what they are doing to accomplish their DEI initiatives.

We connected with Agero, a leading provider of vehicle and driver safety services, to learn about their efforts.

 Please provide a high level statement supporting your DEI mission and objectives?

Agero cultivates a culture of diversity where employees are supported, respected, and valued. We embrace and celebrate differences and recognize the benefits that diversity and inclusion bring to our workforce and business.

What is Agero doing to attract a more diverse workforce?

Agero DEIOur focus at Agero is to create a culture where people feel supported and included right from the start. We are committed to ensuring that our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are integrated into all stages of our recruitment, application, and interview processes, as well as throughout the employee lifecycle. We begin by outlining our mission statement and our areas of focus for diversity, equity, and inclusion in our employee value proposition for potential applicants and candidates. Our Talent Acquisition team collaborates with relevant organizations and educational institutions to attract a diverse pool of candidates. In addition, we search for passive candidates on DEI-focused job boards and create customized interview panels that reflect diversity in areas such as tenure at Agero, ethnicity, veteran status, and gender identity. Lastly, we place a strong emphasis on actively listening to our employees to better understand their needs and take action accordingly.

Can you share all the different Employee Resource Groups at Agero?

Agero’s ARGs were started in 2020 as we recognized the need to build a broader community with our move to remote work and the escalated violence occurring across the US. Our employees needed support on many levels and as a result, Agero has embraced those needs and a path of continuous learning, while providing support to each other together with our Associate Resource Groups.

Our ARGs are open to all employees and are employee-led, with a focus on the four pillars of community, culture, education, and career. Our current ARG roster includes the following groups:

  • Agero DEIAsian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) 

  • Accelerate 

  • Black Leaders in Action (BLAC)

  • Desi 

  • Health & Wellness 

  • LatinX 


  • Women Who Lead

What other programs do you have to support your DEI initiatives?

  • Agero DEIDEI Learning Series 

  • Associate Resource Groups 

  • Women Path to Success program 

  • Mentoring Network

  • Women’s Leadership Conference 

  • Real Talk Virtual Series

Where can I find more information about your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives?

Currently, our DEI initiatives are listed in our Recruitment Fact Sheet and we are currently working to include our DEI initiatives on Agero’s website, career site, and LinkedIn profile. 

Hear From Our Employees

“Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Agero has had a positive impact on my work environment and culture. The topic can be controversial but is very necessary to navigate through to experience the change we all want. I personally have experienced how very different my work ethic and positive attitude is impacted when I feel heard and seen in a way that aligns with diversity, equity and inclusion. With the company being intentional about having the conversations and keeping us focused on how to be an ally it has allowed me to show up better and more comfortable being myself. I have overcome imposter syndrome and continue to advocate for myself and others to promote that same culture. While the company acknowledges we have more work to do there has been some progress made and efforts are appreciated.” - Shae P., Regional Account Manager

“As a new employee and a member of Agero's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team, I am honored to be on the forefront of Agero’'s commitment to DEI. I know that my role in this team will allow me to contribute to creating a more inclusive workplace culture and promoting diversity across the organization and I have had the pleasure to witness other employees feel seen and heard as a result of our DEI initiatives. By working closely with my colleagues and leadership, I am excited to explore new ideas and strategies to further expand our DEI initiatives. I am committed to helping Agero foster a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to bring their whole selves to work. Together, we can build a more equitable and inclusive workplace that benefits us all.” - Rasha B., HR Program Specialist

“Agero's DEI Initiatives have made a huge impact on our overall work environment and culture. All of the different associate resource groups within the organization makes everyone feel welcome, included and comfortable in bringing their genuine selves to work each and every day. As a Co-leader of one of the ARG’s I recently had an associate send me a note that said "Thank you for including me. I have never had a workplace that actually cares about people like me and it is very refreshing". This solidifies the difference the DEI Iniaitives are making.” - Justin A., Sr. Operations Manager

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