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BlueConic Company Overview

We’re a rapidly growing international start-up and we’re constantly looking for new talent. Are you looking to be part of a team that is redefining the marketing technology landscape? That is enabling marketers to actually create a single view of their customers that they can use to sustain engagement with them? That is making individualized experiences possible at scale? Then BlueConic is the place for you.

Headquartered in Boston and with a development team in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, BlueConic offers an ideal environment for those interested in everything related to online marketing and internet technology. Are you looking for the job that will help you grow? 

Jobs at BlueConic

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Full-time, Boston, MA Hurry up! Weve got a dream to build! BlueConic is a fast-growing SaaS startup in search of a Customer Success leader who likes to build, scale, and excel. This individual will establish and lead a high-performing, scalable customer organization for a fast-growing leader in the marketing technology industry. Bring your passion for growth-stage startups and your flair for enabling and delighting marketers around the world. We're attracting more and more new enterprise customers, with big deal sizes and sophisticated needs to match. We power...
Customer Success
Full-time, Boston, MA Hurry up! Weve got a dream to build! BlueConic is a fast-growing SaaS startup in search of that unique individual who blends a customer service attitude with technical problem solving. If the idea of leading BlueConics data science practice based on our cutting-edge technology, youre going to be a great fit for this role. The team you will join is changing digital marketing every single day and weve got the data to prove it! After introducing the market-leading AI Workbench as part of the BlueConic customer data platform, customer demand for...
Customer Success

Dream building is complex, exhausting, difficult work.

What makes it fun is the reward of working with awesome people who care as much as you do about success.

It’s clear: our team members that bring passion to their work produce better work and inspire others to do the same.


“liberate customer data to make individualized marketing a reality”


“to be the first company that delivers marketers the promise of a single view of the customer”


“enable every BlueConic employee, customer, and partner to have an outsized impact every day”


Grit: Nothing worth doing is easy; bring your hustle and your persistence and relentlessly pursue work of the highest quality

Humility: Check your ego, don’t be a know-it-all, respect the other perspective, and earn your success.

Collaboration: Team success over individual achievement, always. Graciously receive and thoughtfully give feedback.

Intellectual Curiosity: Come with questions and keep asking them, of yourself and others.

Passion: We like people who have fire about everything they do. Light us all aflame; we burn brighter together.

Accountability: Make an impact and own your s**t. If you find it, you fix it. Know yourself and find balance.

179 Lincoln Street
Boston, MA 02111


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At a high level, customer analytics is an invaluable resource that (surprise) makes analyzing customer interactions and behaviors to discern trends and patterns easy for marketing. At a microscopic level, though, the implementation of customer analytics is a process that is much more nuanced for marketing teams — and one that requires the right martech. […] The post How to Grow Your Customer Analytics Maturity appeared first on BlueConic. ...
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Data-driven marketing is marketing today. Pure and simple. You won’t find a successful enterprise brand that doesn’t leverage their big data to define their target audiences, develop integrated marketing campaigns, analyze buyers’ behaviors, and — ultimately — build scalable, sustainable strategies. Collecting a considerable amount of data — consented, first-party customer data, that is — […] The post Advancing Your Data-Driven Marketing Strategy appeared first on Blu...