Founded in 2015, Aqua Security is a global Israeli based company of over 300 employees.  Our US headquarters is based in Burlington, MA.

The Aqua platform provides full lifecycle security for cloud native stack and protects hundreds of enterprise customers to drive their ongoing digital transformation. Our sole focus on cloud native allows us to constantly innovate, invest in the open source community, and drive groundbreaking threat research through Team Nautilus, the world's only research team purely dedicated to cloud native security.

Over the last 3 years, Aqua has achieved an average of more than 100% revenue growth! And after just 5 years, we have secured $265 million in funding.

Our  global team of talented Aquarians are at the forefront of our success.  Each of us makes an impact as a significant contributor to Aqua’s domination of the cloud native security space.  We work both globally & cross functionally to accomplish our goals. Our highly collaborative culture sparks bonds amongst Aquarians empowering us to boldly drive change.

Aqua Security Acquires Argon, the Leader in Software Supply Chain Security

“With the addition of Argon to the Aqua Platform, we continue to execute on our vision of full lifecycle cloud native protection,” said Dror Davidoff, CEO and Co-Founder, Aqua. “There’s a lot of noise in the growing cloud native security market, but few vendors offer true CNAPP capabilities. The addition of Argon’s unique technology propels Aqua even further ahead of the competition making us the only vendor in the space that fully protects how cloud applications are developed, deployed, and run. We are thrilled to welcome Argon to the family and bring our customers end-to-end cloud native application protection.”



Aquarians thrive in our fast-moving environment that challenges us to think outside the box, take risks and explore new ideas. Our resiliency and responsiveness keeps us on our game. We are great problem solvers challenged by the pursuit of excellence. Our leadership team encourages Aquarians to explore new opportunities and expand our career development across the organization.