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Our mission: to develop foolproof recipes that work every time.

America's Test Kitchen

21 Drydock Avenue 2nd Floor
Boston , MA 02110

Company Overview

America's Test Kitchen is a real place: a no-nonsense, fully equipped 15,000 square foot test kitchen located in the Innovation and Design Building in Boston’s Seaport district, where a team of highly qualified test cooks and editors perform thousands of tests every year. The goal? To develop the best recipes and cooking techniques, recommend the best cookware and equipment, and rate brand-name pantry staples for home cooks, which are published in our two magazines, Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country, our growing line of cookbooks, our websites, and featured on our public television series, America's Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country TV. We are devoted to a collegial approach to cooking-teams of editors, writers, and cooks engage in side-by-side comparisons, blind taste tests, and rigorous equipment performance tests to determine which pans work and which ones don't, which brand of ketchup tastes best, and so on.

America's Test Kitchen accepts no advertising. We are a private company with no affiliations with large publishers, cookware manufacturers, or food purveyors, which means that our content is unbiased and objective.

America's Test Kitchen is a fast growing publishing company located in the prestigious Seaport district of Boston, Massachusetts. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, health insurance coverage offers a choice of a Blue Cross Blue Shield Care PPO or an HMO, Delta Dental, Prudential short term and long term disability insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, a generous amount of vacation time and summer hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

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What's your engineering team's background?  

America’s Test Kitchen is a real 15,000 square foot test kitchen located in Boston's Seaport district. We have two TV shows and publish recipes, equipment ratings, taste test results, and kitchen tips across a wide variety of websites, magazines, and cookbooks. The engineering team at America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) is responsible for maintaining and extending our two major platforms (affectionately known as Everest and School) that provide the web experiences across our four primary web properties.

The engineering team is a diverse mix of individuals from a variety of backgrounds.  Our teams programming experience ranges from less than a year to nearly 20.  Only a few of us of a formal Computer Science Education.  We have an Art Major and at least one MBA.  Some of us like to cook, the rest of us like to eat.  We have a couple of career changers, avid gamers, and at least one person who has a habit of attending college football games that are of no relevance to her.

While we have some wildly diverse backgrounds, at least one thing we all have in common is a deep passion for helping ensure that America’s Test Kitchen is the destination for the most complete and authoritative cooking content for the home cook. 


What is your tech stack?  

Our platforms are built on Ruby on Rails and are comprised of many of the technologies generally associated with a Rails Stack.


  • Ruby / Rails
  • ReactJS & Flux
  • SASS
  • HAML
  • CoffeeScript / JavaScript (we have a bit of a complex)
  • PostgresSQL


  • Heroku
  • Git
  • Travis
  • Code Climate
  • Jira / Confluence

While our stack is very Rails focused, we are continually evaluating alternatives that have the potential to help us solve both business and technical problems more efficiently.  This mindset has allowed us to explore and develop tools and solutions with languages such as Go and Elixir. 


What are some of the cool & interesting problems you're solving? 

This past year we set out to “modernize” the Cook’s Illustrated website experience.  While we were successful in bringing a new experience to our users, we were faced with a variety of interesting challenges that at times felt insurmountable.   Those challenges included:

  • Implementing a rollout strategy that allowed us to release features incrementally over the course of the project. 
  • Migrating from a pixel perfect desktop experience to a more adaptive Responsive Web Design
  • Developing a pre-render caching solution for ReactJS.


What is the culture of the engineering team?  

The engineering culture at America’s Test Kitchen very much reflects the testing mindset of our kitchen.  We regularly challenge our own assumptions to ensure that we working as efficiently and effectively as possible. From a hierarchy perspective, we are a very flat engineering organization, which as a result fosters a very open and collaborative environment.  A recent example of how these two aspects came together for change was a migration away from a Scrum methodology to align closer to a Kanban approach.  While there are a lot of similarities in the two approaches, the change allowed us to better align our ability to deliver solutions against the needs of the business.

Another aspect of our team that we are very proud of is our desire to build a culture of learning and growth.  Our commitment to programs like the Northeastern Co-Op, provides an opportunity for us to not only give back to the community, but also allows us to work with very talented individuals at the beginning of their careers.  The desire to learn and grow goes beyond our Co-Op participation.  Most notably is our Professional Developer Days, through which the team is given opportunities to get away from the daily project work and explore new and interesting technologies.

While we have our serious moments, we also have a lot of fun as a team.  To break up the daily work activities, we have things like a #cat_pictures channel in Slack where we post pictures of our rabbits and dogs.  We enjoy theming our release names, which most recently included football players until we realized a correlation between release name and player injury (apologies to fantasy football owners of Tony Romo, Julian Edleman, and Jamal Charles).  We have since moved on to hip hop songs.

Summer Outings, Thanksgiving Potlucks, Co-Op parties, Retro Lunches are additional examples of the activities that help the team balance work and play. 



What positions are you looking to hire?  

Our team is expected to grow pretty significantly in the coming year and we will be actively looking for software and quality assurance engineers to fill out our team.  While each job may have some unique characteristics, we look first and foremost for smart, energetic people that complement our existing team.  In terms of typical qualifications, an experienced full stack Rails developer position might look similar to...

  • 3+ years engineering applications in Ruby on Rails or equivalent MVC framework in an agile environment
  • Proven ability to knock out a pixel perfect site across multiple screens with Javascript, AJAX, HTML, and CSS
  • Experience with Heroku hosting and GitHub development environments
  • Experience with ReactJS and Flux
  • HAML and SCSS
  • PostgreSQL
  • RSpec and Travis CI

America’s Test Kitchen is a fast-growing publishing company conveniently located on the MBTA Green Line in Brookline Village, Massachusetts. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package including: 

  • PPO and HSA Healthcare plans
  • Dental and Vision Benefits
  • Life, ADD, and long term disability insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (Medical, Dependent Care, Transit, and Parking)
  • A matching 401k
  • A generous amount of vacation time and summer hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day
  • A copy of every book and magazine published while employed
  • Access to the storied Take-Home Fridge





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