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The VentureFizz Podcast: Shane Hegde - Co-Founder & CEO of Air

For the 193rd episode of The VentureFizz Podcast, I interviewed Shane Hegde, Co-Founder & CEO of Air.

Digital asset management is not a new term, but the number of assets that are being generated by companies is exploding, which in return makes it very challenging to collaborate and keep tabs of everything. Take VentureFizz, we have videos, audio files, images and more spread throughout Google Drive, Dropbox, Canva, multiple hard drives, and probably several other spots that I’m forgetting.

Air is taking on this problem head on, as they are building the collaboration platform for your team’s visual work. The company just announced a $12M Series A round of funding led by Tiger Global.

In this episode of our podcast, we cover:

  • The belief that every company and individual is a media company.
  • Shane’s background growing up in Toledo and his decision to attend Stanford where he met his co-founder, Tyler Strand.
  • His prior company, Swap Mobile, and his experience as an investor and what these experiences taught him. 
  • All of the details on Air in terms of the founding story to where the company and platform is today.
  • What it was like fundraising during the pandemic.
  • Advice for founders on building their initial core team.
  • And so much more.

Keith Cline is the Founder of VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter: @kcline6.