March 13, 2017

We’re Stepping Things Up at VentureFizz - Announcing Our Newest Contributors!

If you subscribe to my weekly email or if you visit our Job Board, you might have noticed that I’ve been on the hunt for new contributors / writers for VentureFizz.

There’s so much happening in the Boston tech scene these days.  We felt it was important for VentureFizz to cover a larger footprint in terms of telling all these stories, especially the ones that fly under the radar (there’s a lot of them).

Last year, we built out our guest contributor network, which has been producing highly relevant and useful business advice around different topics like entrepreneurship, hiring, culture, marketing, product management, and more. We’ve been fortunate to have people like Christina Luconi (Rapid7), Alice Rossiter (Alice’s Table), Daniel Rodriguez (Seismic), Michelle Heath (Growth Street Marketing) and others as regular contributors.

As we take this next step, we are not aiming to be the breaking tech news.  There’s other media outlets who do a great job at covering that angle.  At VentureFizz, we’ve always considered ourselves to be the personal interest side of the Boston tech scene… more of a digital magazine format when it comes to our content.  

We love to profile companies, founders, products, and the many people who are making waves in the Boston tech scene. Our goal is to provide you with the many inspirational stories out there along with the inside look at the tech companies in the Boston area.

Through my email and postings to our Job Board, I was overwhelmed with the amount of responses that I received for contributors.  It truly was remarkable and I had the opportunity to meet with lots of talented and amazing people.  However, there was a handful who stood out.  

So, without further ado, I’d like to announce our new roster of VentureFizz contributors, along with each topic they will be covering. As you will notice, most of these people are writing for us on the side, in addition to carrying a full-time job. They all have a passion for the Boston tech scene and want to do their part in getting the stories out there.

Sarah Salbu - @SarahSalbu

Topic:  Company Stories

Sarah is an active supporter of the Boston technology and startup community. She is a communications manager at technology company, Mendix, as well as the co-founder of a charitable apparel business to raise awareness of the harm facing African elephants, Ele and Phant.

Sarah will be sharing the stories of companies in the Boston area that are scaling and are the ones that are on the “you must know about” list.

Recent story:  Cogito: Bringing Behavioral Science to a Traditionally Science-Free Zone

Brie Shelley - @MuddleandMix

Topic: Women in Boston Tech

Brie's been an active member of the Boston startup community for the past six years. She's been on the ground floor helping companies rapidly grow, creating avenues for lead generation and always pushing for bigger ideas. Currently, she is an Inside Sales Rep at NutraClick.

Brie will be writing about all the amazing stories of the women in the Boston tech scene.

Recent story:  Shana Cooper, VP of Products & Services at Kuvée: a Mind for Disrupting Static Industries

Zach Winn - @ZachinBoston

Topic:  Early Stage Startups

Zach is a journalist working in the tech, security and education fields. He also serves as senior editor for Campus Safety Magazine.

Zach is on a mission to find and write about the next generation of up & coming startups in the tech scene.

Recent story:  MarketMuse Uses Machine Learning to Perfect Content Strategies

Necco Ceresani - @Necco_C

Topic:  Founder Stories

Necco is a technology writer and entrepreneur in the Boston startup community. He is currently the Community Marketing Manager at XebiaLabs.

Necco is focused on profiling founders and sharing their journey, plus any lessons learned along the way.

Recent Story:  Passion is a Requirement with Jason Furtado, Founder & CEO of Shoobx

Nina Stepanov - @ninarstepanov

Topic:  Venture Capital

Nina has been part of the Boston entrepreneurship ecosystem for the past 6 years. From humble beginnings at a YC startup, Embedly (acquired by Medium) followed by Intuit and HubSpot, she's been gaining ground since first setting foot at Northeastern University. Today she  serves as the Head of Marketing at ViewPoint Cloud and as co-founder of Fit University.

Nina is writing about the venture capital industry in Boston. She will be profiling the people behind the money and the trends around where the money is going.

Recent story:  Investor Profile: Parul Singh of Founder Collective

Colin W. Barry - @ColinKrash

Topic: Variety of Topics

Colin is a graduate of Suffolk University with a degree in journalism.  He has a passion for technology, movies, and video games. Colin is an active contributor to the tech blog, KnowTechie and one of the content contributors to the gaming/lifestyle website, the Lifecast.

Colin is our “jack-of-all-trades”  player who will be writing about a variety of topics in the Boston tech scene.  He will also help us out with editing.

Recent story:  Wayhome – Breaking Down the Walls of Apartment Hunting

I’m really excited about the next phase of VentureFizz and the stories we’ll be sharing!

If you are looking for your story to be told, feel free to send me an email.

Keith Cline is the Founder of VentureFizz.  Follow him on Twitter: @kcline6