October 15, 2018

The Colossal Spider Web of Netezza Alumni

Netezza was founded in 1999 by Foster Hinshaw with Jit Saxena joining the company as a co-founder in 2000. The company's technology was groundbreaking as they built the industry's first data warehouse appliance.

Netezza went public in 2007 and was later acquired by IBM in 2010 for approximately $1.7B and still remains a subsidiary of the computer giant.

More than several former executives and employees of the company left their mark on the Boston tech scene, and many of them have gone on to executive roles at other prominent tech companies, have started their own, or have become board members at other tech companies in the area. We've compiled a slideshow of 20+ alumni to showcase what they are up to now.

For this slideshow, we used the following criteria:

  • Must be based in the Boston area.
  • Tenure at Netezza for at least two years and had to have been employed before Netezza's acquisition by IBM
  • Currently a founder, executive, or board member. 

Take a look at the slideshow below!