Announcing - VentureFizz User Profiles

May 13, 2020

Announcing - VentureFizz User Profiles

We are hard at work in terms of redesigning VentureFizz, which is really exciting. Our ultimate goal for our future design is to provide our audience with a customized experience.

Today, we are excited to announce some new features that start to lay down the foundation for this exciting new experience for our readers and that is User Profiles!

You now have the option to create a user profile on VentureFizz which will grant you access to new features and tools to help manage your job search. 

Creating a User Profile

To gain access to these new features, you need to first create a user profile on VentureFizz.

When you visit our site, you will either see a pop up to create a user profile or you can just click on “Sign Up” from the right-hand corner to create a profile.

VentureFizz User Signup

Once you have completed your profile, it will bring you to your User Profile page.

Here’s are the details on the new features:

Profile Settings

From the new Profile Settings page, it includes the basics in terms of adding details on you and the ability to update your username and password.

VentureFizz Profile Settings


You can control the settings for what matters to you the most across three options:

  1. Location - You can filter based on location so you will only see content for a specific region: Boston, NYC, and/or Remote.

  2. Job Categories - Are you only interested in jobs in sales or software engineering? You can use this filter to power our Daily Job Alerts email, so that you'll receive the jobs that are specific to your area of interest.

  3. Industries - You can also select specific industries that you are interested in. For example, you can select Healthcare & Pharma. Soon, you'll receive recommendations that are specific to this industry category. 

VentureFizz Customize Images

Email Newsletters

From here, you can select which emails you want to receive from us. As you may know, we have three main email properties across both regions - Boston & NYC:

  1. VentureFizz Weekly Tech Buzz - a weekly digest published every Monday which includes the must know information about the local tech scene across companies, jobs, stories, and more.
  2. Daily Job Alerts - your daily list of jobs from VentureFizz, which as noted above, can be customized based on your preferences. This way, you’ll never miss out on that career defining opportunity.
  3. Daily Stories - a daily recap of the stories published on VentureFizz.

VentureFizz Email Subscriptions

Jobs & Companies

This is the feature that I most excited about, as it is starting to lay down the foundation of tools for job seekers.

From here, you can track job applications, save jobs, and save companies.

Applied Jobs

This will be a continuous list of jobs that you’ve applied to on VentureFizz, which will help you stay organized and have a record of applies to refer back to at any time.

Saved Jobs

Want to keep an eye on a job but not ready to apply? You can favorite the job from the job listing:

favoriting jobs on venturefizz

Once you do, you’ll start to build out a list of saved jobs.

Saved Companies

Are there specific companies that are of interest to you? You can keep a running list of companies on VentureFizz by favoriting companies.

favorite companies on venturefizz

Once you start applying or saving jobs & companies, here is an example of what you'll see:

VentureFizz Applied Saved Jobs and Companies

As I previously mentioned, this is the foundation layer of a whole new customized experience on VentureFizz, which we are really excited about. More details to come soon, so stay tuned!

Keith Cline is the Founder of VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter: @kcline6.