November 19, 2018

20 Successful Alumni of Bowdoin College

Bowdoin College is a private liberal arts college based in Brunswick, Maine. It is one of the many outstanding academic institutions in New England.

As a school specializing in liberal arts, it may come as a surprise how many of its alumni have gone on to incredibly successful careers in business, whether it is as an executive or an entrepreneur.

We compiled a list with some of these individuals that are "mostly" in the tech industry. These lists are never meant to be comprehensive, but more of a sampling.

One trend from the alumni at Bowdoin that we noticed is that several have built a successful career as investors. Not included in this slideshow, but certainly worth noting are: Bob White - Founding Partner at Bain Capital, Rick Ganong - Partner at Five Pine Partners, Steve Gormley - Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Great Hill, Drew Loucks - Principal at Great Hill, Harry George - Co-Founder & Managing General Partner at Solstice Capital, Henry Newman - Co-Founder & General Partner at Solstice Capital, Mike Farrell - Managing Director at Spectrum Equity, and Roshen Menon - Managing Partner at Guidepost.

A big thanks to Sean Marsh for helping us put this together.

Going through the pictures, there's bound to be at least one person that will make you go, "I didn't realize they went to Bowdoin?"