51 - 100 employees
No outside funding
Hardware & Robotics

Piaggio Fast Forward Company Overview

Founded in 2015 by the Piaggio Group, Piaggio Fast Forward creates lightweight, intelligent mobility solutions for people and goods. Based in Boston, MA, the company is dedicated to helping people to move better, further, faster, and more enjoyably. PFF builds products that travel with people on the move. In the present era of machine intelligence and ubiquitous networks, PFF seeks to promote more vibrant cities filled with pedestrians, cyclists, and skaters whose mobility is enhanced by new varieties of smart vehicles. PFF's first product is gita®: a mobile-carrier that follows people on the go carrying up to 45 pounds. gita® encourages an active lifestyle for anyone who wants to move with ease, from millennials and parents to seniors and disabled individuals.

Jobs at Piaggio Fast Forward

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Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) is seeking a Robotics Software Engineer experienced in autonomous navigation. In this role you will develop and code practical navigation and localization algorithms, allowing gita® to effectively tackle the challenges of indoor and outdoor urban mobility.  PFF’s first product, gita®  is a mobile-carrier that tracks and follows a person while carrying approximately 45 lbs. As a Robotics Software Engineer, you will have the opportunity to see your work translate into effective interactions between gita®, the person they follow and the real world of pedestrianism. A...
Hardware Engineering
PFF is hiring a Senior Full Stack Engineer to be a part of developing everything from our website to mobile applications. The software you create will have key visibility to our consumers and allow them to monitor and control all of our devices. As an engineer you be part of an highly collaborative environment and team. You will work cross functional teams from software, embedded to robotics and design.  We value self-driven developers who write clean, elegant, and scalable code. As we continue to grow, you will have the opportunity to shift your focus to new projects and your work will be...
Software Engineering/QA
What an exciting time for us at Piaggio Fast Forward as we are expanding and heading towards some amazing milestones. While we move into manufacturing production, PFF is expanding within our financials team. We are looking for an Accountant. This person would report directly to our Controller on a daily basis.  The Accountant would be strong in several areas and interested in learning more as we begin to scale. This role is ideal for a highly organized and responsive individual. The Accountant will ensure vendors, credit card payments, expense reimbursements and more, will be handled in a...
Corporate Functions
52 Roland Street
Boston, MA 02129

Piaggio Fast Forward Values

We are constantly innovating to make a difference. We merge design and technology to disrupt existing norms.

No cubicles, no walls, and no bureaucracy. We believe in creating flexible work environments where cross-functional teams work together.

The Piaggio Group has been a pioneer of light mobility for more than 130 years. High performance, sleek, and user-friendly vehicles run in our DNA.

Our motto is autonomy for humans. We work towards a collective effort that approaches robotics in a human-centered manner.

Perks and Benefits


  • 100% company-sponsored medical and dental coverage
  • 401K non-elective contribution


  • Conferences and seminars
  • Speaker series
  • Industry specialists & creatives
  • Personal finance consulting


  • Paid parental leave
  • Flexible working hours
  • Unlimited PTO


  • Monthly corporate outings
  • Holiday parties
  • Game room
  • A full machine shop for you to build your own toys!


  • Gym access
  • Standing desks
  • Monthly massage sessions


  • Free parking
  • Free MBTA passes
  • Free access to our electric bikes, motorcycles, hoverboards and gitas!