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Work From Home Setup Contest - THE WINNERS!

It's been about a year since most of us have been working remote, so we thought it would be fun to hold a Work From Home Setup Contest. We had lots and lots of submissions from our audience across all three categories. It was fun to see how people have transformed their homes into high-performing workspaces. 

If you ever need inspiration for your own Work From Home Setup, you can check out all the photos here:

1) Best Tech
2) Best Decorative Space
3) Best Use of What You've Got

After thousands and thousands of votes, we are excited to announce the winners! In addition to being able to brag about the distinguished honor of winning this contest, they have also won a $100 gift card from Wayfair - congratulations!!!

1) Best Tech - Winner: Project Room
Submitted by Walid Bendris, Senior Solution Architect at Klaviyo

2) Best Decorative Space - Winner: Bedroom Makeover
Submitted by Jess Iandiorio, CMO at Starburst

3) Best Use of What You've Got - Winner: Closet Renovation
Submitted by Adam Lawless - North American PR Lead at Vistaprint

Congrats again!!!