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Why I Joined: BitSight

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There are many factors that play into one's choice when deciding on what company is the right fit for them, so we decided to dive deep into why BitSight is a great place to work by asking their team members the question "Why did you join BitSight and what were the major factors for you?"

Narmadha Ganapathy BitSightNarmadha Ganapathy, Senior Software Engineer

Throughout my career, I have worked in multiple MNC’s, in two different industries, and I wanted to have a change from my old organization, that’s when I heard about BitSight. Being a passionate engineer I was looking for a place where I can work on a modern tech stack and get to try different aspects of the product. BitSight offers me a perfect environment for me to try this.  Our customer win report gives you a sense of gratification and the impact made by your work. At the end of the day, I can retire to my family with a high level of satisfaction from my job.  

I joined BitSight literally two days before the pandemic lockdown, making work remote. I must say the support I received from every member of the organization assured me that I have chosen a solid workplace. I am my healthiest self in my entire career, both mentally and physically after joining BitSight, as it provides good work life balance.  Every morning I wake up and the thought of work makes me happy, and the credit goes to BitSight!

Luke Mendenhall BitSightLuke Mendenhall, Software Engineer
I joined BitSight because it provides a unique opportunity to help people while engaging in the realm of cybersecurity. The people here are incredibly friendly and helpful, and I look forward to developing tools to recognize and thwart cybercrime.


Anthony Mason BitSightAnthony Mason, Senior Software Engineer

Before joining BitSight, I was looking for a new challenge in my career, one that would stretch my expertise in a new space and allow me to work with talented and remarkable people. BitSight checked all of those boxes. From my very first interview, I felt like I was accepted and appreciated for who I am by BitSight. My feelings have been solidified since I’ve joined. BitSight offers high-quality cybersecurity products and it is a testament to the brilliant people that work at the company. The culture here is great. It is a pleasure working in an environment where the employees are recognized and respected as people first. I wake up every morning motivated to make the internet a safer place for everyone, knowing I have the support of my team behind me.

Enida Vezelaj BitSightEnida Vezelaj, Software Engineer

I joined the BitSight engineering team because it's a company that puts people first. During my application I did some research and spoke to the team to know more about what they do and how they work, I immediately felt like we shared the same core values and work ethics. Thus, I decided it could be the right place for me. Our teams bring together a very diverse group of minds, making our workplace a really good learning environment and that is reflected on the product we build for the customers. I believe what we build is great because the way we work is great.

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