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The VentureFizz Podcast: Stella Kim - Founder & CXO of Mixlab

For the 165th episode of The VentureFizz Podcast, I interviewed Stella Kim, Founder & CXO of Mixlab.

At home, my family has a Cavapoo, who basically rules the roost. She has a big personality in a small frame and when she is sick, we definitely want to give her the best care possible. 

In the world where personalized medicine is becoming very real for humans, why shouldn’t the same apply for pets? Enter Mixlab, the first-ever modern compounding pharmacy for animals. Mixlab customizes medication ingredients, strengths, forms, and flavors, specifically for your pet. The company announced $8.5M in funding last year and in addition to providing this very meaningful service, they also have a knack at wowing their customers, which we talk about in detail.

In this episode of our podcast, we cover:

  • Stella’s background as a Designer and how that shaped her experience as an entrepreneur.
  • What led her down the path of starting Mixlab and how she met her co-founders.
  • The details on Mixlab and how their business model works.
  • Advice for founders on hiring a designer.
  • How a startup should think about branding and packaging.
  • And more!

There has been a rapidly growing number of pet-related startups and I’ve actually interviewed two other entrepreneurs for this podcast that you might want to check out. There’s Alex Douzet, Co-Founder & CEO of Ollie, which is disrupting the pet food industry with a healthier solution and Jonathan Bensamoun, Founder & CEO of Fi, which has built a really cool smart dog collar. Go to to check out all past episodes.

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