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The VentureFizz Podcast: Nicole Sahin - CEO and Founder of Globalization Partners

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For the 141st episode of our podcast, I interviewed Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder of Globalization Partners.

International expansion can offer a tremendous opportunity for companies, but it is also incredibly complex to hire employees in different countries. When you factor in the various legal, tax, and HR regulations that vary from location to location, it is a major undertaking that requires a lot of time, knowledge, and money.

Nicole is an experienced entrepreneur, traveler, and philanthropist who started her first company in the Caribbean right out of college. After gaining industry experience in the software industry for an international business services firm, she founded Globalization Partners to address this issue of international expansion. Through its Global Expansion Platform, they make it easy to hire employees in more than 170 countries.

In this episode of our podcast, we cover:

  • Nicole’s experience building schools in underdeveloped countries.
  • Her background story and professional journey.
  • What led Nicole to start Globalization Partners, and how their platform is solving the challenges of hiring and expanding internationally.
  • Advice for founders on getting press and coverage from the media.
  • Thoughts on building a more diverse and inclusive leadership team.
  • And so much more.

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Globalization Partners’ Global Expansion Platform™ enables you to hire in more than 150 countries within days, and without the need to set up costly foreign subsidiaries.

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