Introducing: The VentureFizz Podcast! banner image

Introducing: The VentureFizz Podcast!

Back in November, we ventured into uncharted waters for VentureFizz by announcing our first podcast

For Season 1, Keith spoke with talent acquisition leaders with the goal of giving you an inside look at how companies attract top-tier talent, build a meaningful culture, and many other topics. 

The original plan was to finish a season, take a couple months off, and come back with another season and a brand-new topic. 

Then we changed our minds.

Based on the success of our podcast and all the great feedback from our audience, we are excited to announce our new direction! Here are the details:

  1. Our goal is to publish our podcast weekly with a new episode every Monday. The next episode will be published on February 19
  2. No more seasons! We decided the season based format was going to be too limited. Our goal is to interview the most interesting people in the tech community, thus we're going to be opening up the podcast to lots of different types of people and backgrounds.
  3. Lastly, to go along with this new format, we have a brand-new name: The VentureFizz Podcast! I know—it's not very original—but the first name (Career Inspiration) didn't really fit with the long-term goals of this podcast, so the name was a no-brainer.

You can listen to the entire first season of our podcast in the player below. To make sure you receive future episodes, please subscribe to us on iTunesGoogle Play, or Soundcloud. If you enjoyed our show, please consider writing us a 5-star review—it will definitely help us get the word out there. Thanks for listening, and hey, here's to The VentureFizz Podcast!

See you February 19!

Alexander Culafi is a Staff Writer for VentureFizz. You can follow him on Twitter @culafia