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Fady Saad

Fady Saad is the co-founder and partnerships director of MassRobotics; the first and largest robotics/automation startup escalator in the world. He also advises Rewired AI Studio on investment of their $100 million fund.

Fady is the father of the "startup escalation" model and the first one to coin the term. Before that, he was the strategy, research & business development director of Vecna Technologies where he supported the development of the company’s robotics R&D strategy, funding and commercialization activities. He was also the co-founder and strategist behind ePowerhouse's business model, go-to-market strategy, and customer acquisitions. Fady is a System Design & Management Fellow at MIT and focuses on designing and modeling startups as adaptive complex systems, and understanding the effect of entrepreneurship ecosystems on these startups' viability. Before joining MIT, Fady was the Lead Account Manager of Nokia Siemens Networks in North Africa and Europe where he led and managed multimillion-euro acquisitions and bids. During his time as a Strategy and Business Development Associate at Siemens, Fady was part of the team who led the merger between Siemens Com and Nokia Networks in North Africa for 700+ employees. He also consulted the World Bank on issues related to implementing industrial and entrepreneurship policies in developing countries. Fady has been a frequent speaker, judge, panelist and mentor in multiple entrepreneurship organizations and events, and authored numerous articles on investing and innovation. Fady has an educational background in complex systems, management, industrial engineering, and design.

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