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ReversingLabs Company Overview

ReversingLabs is the leading provider of explainable threat intelligence solutions that sheds the necessary light on complex file-based threats for enterprises stretched for time and expertise. Its hybrid-cloud Titanium Platform enables digital business resiliency, protects against new modern architecture exposures, and automates manual SOC processes with a transparency that arms junior analysts to confidently take action.

ReversingLabs is used by the world’s most advanced security vendors and deployed across all industries searching for a more intelligent way to get at the root of the web, mobile, email, cloud, app development and supply chain threat problem, of which files and objects have become major risk contributors.

ReversingLabs Titanium Platform provides broad integration support with more than 4,000 unique file and object formats, speeds detection of malicious objects through automated static analysis, prioritizing the highest risks with actionable detail in only .005 seconds. With unmatched breadth and privacy, the platform accurately detects threats through explainable machine learning models, leveraging the largest repository of malware in the industry, containing more than 10 billion files and objects. Delivering transparency and trust, thousands of ‘human readable’ indicators explain why a classification and threat verdict was determined, while integrating at scale across the enterprise with connectors that support existing file repository, SIEM, SOAR, threat intelligence platform and sandbox investments, reducing incident response time for SOC analysts, while providing high priority and detailed threat information for both developers and hunters to take quick action. Learn more at https://www.reversinglabs.com, or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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ReversingLabs has a bold security vision for every global organization. Complete visibility and insight into every destructive object. Every file. Every location. Every threat. Demanding aspirations require amazing talent with the most agile and innovative minds working at ReversingLabs. We are looking for a Senior Software Escalation Manager to join our fast and emerging growth security business. ReversingLabs has become a critical capability across hundreds of security operations, IT, Architecture and DevOps organizations. And we need a top-tier development manager to join our...
Software Engineering/QA
ReversingLabs has a bold security vision for every global organization. Complete visibility and insight into every destructive object. Every file. Every location. Every threat. Demanding aspirations require amazing talent with the most agile and innovative minds working at ReversingLabs. As a Sales Operations and Salesforce Administration Manager, you will be responsible for helping the team scale while meeting our productivity and efficiency goals. The scope includes, but not limited to, reporting, analytics, sales process and tools improvements, plus cross-functional initiative...
Sales & Business Development


ReversingLabs is always looking for talented people that love to solve difficult problems with the latest technology.  We offer all employees the opportunity to reach their full potential by fostering an environment where individuals can learn, grow, and prosper.  ReversingLabs exhibits a company culture that encourages and motivates for learning and creativity.  If you are looking for a collaborative atmosphere that always wants to be one step ahead in exceeding client expectations, we want to meet you!    


  • 97% of employees said that they can always get help from a co-worker.
  • 97% of employees said that they would recommend RL to their friends.
  • 100% of employees said that they have a possibility to develop their skills.
  • 97% of employees said that their private and professional life are balanced.


ReversingLabs offers benefits to meet your professional and personal needs. Here are a few examples of the benefits we offer to our employees.

  • Downtime: paid vacation and personal days
  • Employee development: On-the-job Training, Tech Talks, Coaching & Mentoring 
  • Everyday perks: flexible working schedule, free snack, and beverages
  • Other perks: commuter benefits, employee rewards and recognition, employee referral bonus program, company events/activities, work-life balance
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A multitude of adversaries beginning around February of 2020[1] have been abusing an old feature of Microsoft Excel as a novel malware delivery method. The Excel 4.0 macros (XLM) feature was introduced in Excel version 4.0 way back in 1992.[2] This style of macro predates the also commonly abused Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros. Some of the early adopters of this variation of the technique[3] were found to deliver Zloader[4] and Dridex[5]. As time went on, many different a...
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Machine learning is a cutting-edge predictive threat detection technology. These math-powered classification systems take in object properties, called features, and find correlations between them to proactively detect novel pieces of malware. While the introduction of machine learning technologies represents a significant leap forward for threat detection capabilities, it did very little for detection result interpretability.Just like the signatures and heuristics before it, machine ...
July 10, 2020
REVERSING 2020, the first global event where threat hunters go deep on YARA, was held virtually last week with a ‘live’ audience of 985 from approximately 2000 registrants! The event covered everything YARA with a jam-packed agenda including 10 thought leaders, industry experts and practitioners ranging from large cybersecurity companies to global financial services to smaller nonprofits. This level of participation from the security community is indicative of the ongoing interes...
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YARA is an important piece in the defenders chess set. Depending on how you play the game you can think of YARA as either a bishop or a rook. Powerful weapon in the hands of a threat hunter, or a layer that makes the defenders wall a bigger obstacle to overcome.However, chess is a game that takes a lifetime to master. Each defeat is a lesson. And what separates a grand master from the beginner are the experiences accumulated by every wrong move they’ve made. Grand masters have lost...