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ReversingLabs Company Overview

ReversingLabs develops cyber threat detection and mitigation tools that address the the latest directed attacks, advanced persistent threats and polymorphic malware. These threats routinely defeat current anti-virus scanner, white list, behavioral and sandbox technology thus requiring tedious, manual analysis by highly skilled experts. Our industry leading technology automates this manual process to provide hyper-fast processing of files to expose all internal objects and metadata to determine capabilities and intent. Our approach enables new protection paradigms that screen high volumes of files of any type, including Windows, Linux, mobile apps, documents, and firmware.

Our customers include antivirus vendors, security vendors, government agencies, and commercial enterprises. In 2011, we entered into a strategic partnership agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT), the independent strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technology products to support the missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community, to enhance our solutions for the Department of Homeland Security Science, Technology Directorate and other government agencies.

Jobs at ReversingLabs

222 3rd St,
Cambridge, MA 02142


ReversingLabs has development team with over 120 engineers working in Zagreb office and over 40 engineers in our USA office (click here for our office locations). We are offering our engineers the opportunity to reach their full potential in our team, a company culture that encourages and motivates them for learning and creating. You have the opportunity to join a collaborative team who want to be a step forward and exceed client expectations.


97% of employees said that they can always get help from a co-worker.

97% of employees said that they would recommend RL to their friends.

100% of employees said that they have a possibility to develop their skills.

97% of employees said that their private and professional life are balanced.

100% of employees said that know there is a possibility of promotion.


Reversinglabs offers benefits to meet your professional and personal needs. Here are samples of some of the benefits we offer to our employees.

  • Down time: paid vacation and sick leave
  • Travel time: reimbursement for leisure travel to our office to Cambridge, USA, attending conferences all over Europe and USA
  • Employee development: On-The-job Training, Tech Talks, Coaching & Mentoring Program, A Transfer at Work
  • Everyday perks: flexible working schedule, free snack and beverages
  • Other perks: tuition reimbursements, transportation benefits, employee rewards and recognition, employee referral bonus program, company events/activities, work-life balance.

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