Technology that brings transparency to complex systems.


17 Dunster St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Company Overview

Kensho deploys scalable machine learning and analytics systems across the most critical government and commercial institutions in the world to solve some of the hardest analytical problems of our time.

Backed by investors as diverse as Google Ventures, Goldman Sachs, and In-Q-Tel (the venture capital arm of the CIA), Kensho was founded out of MIT and Harvard in 2013. Kensho’s team members come from veteran positions at Google, Apple, and Facebook, as well as academia.

We are a diverse and spirited group of engineers and scientists who are accomplished analytical thinkers and passionate problem solvers. Together, our multi-talented team includes one of the seven members of the original Apple iPhone engineering team, PhD physicists, Quantum Computing PhDs (including the creator of the world’s first solid-state two-bit quantum processor with electron spins), the co-founder of Nowcasting at Google, and one of the youngest-ever entrants to Harvard College (age 15).

We are proud of individual accomplishments, as well as the collaborative environment we’ve built, and what we’re capable of as a team.

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