Introduction to Sketch App

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 18:30

About This Workshop

Have an idea for an app or website, but been frustrated trying to communicate it to others?

Enter Sketch. Unlike the bloated tools it replaces (see: Photoshop, Illustrator), Sketch is a simple, powerful design tool made specifically for those who design for screens. It has taken the UI/UX design world by storm and designers worldwide have already made the switch.

Ladies Lounge | Social Media Influencers

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 18:30

About This Event

Ladies Lounge, a monthly event series hosted by GA, is spending June featuring Boston's top Social Media Influencers.

Why It Matters?
Truth be told, we are living in a whole new era of marketing. Banner ads and TV commercials are not reaching millennials. That means that marketers have to engage this new generation of consumers in a more organic way. People want peer recommendations. They want to see what places their friends are engaging with through social media. That is where influencer marketing comes in.

Meet Our Product Management Instructor

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 17:30

About This Info Session

Come on down to GA Boston for a meet & greet with Cait Porte – Lead Instructor of our next Product Management cohort starting on June 4th.

A note from Cait Porte:

My name is Cait and I am the SVP of Product & Customer Experience at Zmags, a platform for retailers to create engaging digital shopping experiences for their customers.

Talk Data to Me

Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 18:30

About This Event

Overview: In this event series, we host thought-leaders from the Boston data community to discuss the possibilities it brings to life. Our featured speakers will cover how today’s wealth of information drives business and product decisions across industries, and share insights for the future.

THIS MONTH: Join us for a panel featuring industry-leading experts, who will dive into how data science is being utilized, and how it will continue to drive change.

Salary Negotiation Workshop with AAUW Work Smart Boston

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 18:30

About This Event

General Assembly is teaming up with AAUW and the Mayor's Office of Women's Advancement to offer free, monthly salary negotiation workshops for the women of Boston.

Join us for a free two-hour salary negotiation workshop and gain the skills and confidence to successfully negotiate your salary and benefits packages in preparation for your next review or career change.

Becoming a Data-Driven Marketer

Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 18:30

About This Event

Marketing has the power to create strategies with data at its core so you are no longer a marketer with an opinion, you are one who has data and insights to drive growth.

Being data-driven is about more than just looking at reporting sources and pulling off stats and numbers. Do you know and understand what your KPIs are? What would happen if you had an increase or decrease in budget? Are your campaigns assisting in conversions? Do you do attribution modelling?

The Secrets To Building A Personal Brand

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - 18:30

About This Event

Boston's digital scene is filled with bright personalities. But what separates the pompous from the powerful? When you live and work in such a populous and busy city, how do you define yourself and remain true to your values? Whether it's your business, a new venture or just a revamp of your own image - your personal brand shouldn't be ignored.