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Welcome to the new and improved VentureFizz Blog...now called Voices!

February 17, 2010

Welcome to the new and improved VentureFizz Blog...now called Voices!

We receive a tremendous amount of feedback from our readers and followers
about how we can make VentureFizz better.  The most requested feature is
to add full length blog content on our site.

The original layout for the blog section on VentureFizz was an aggregation
of blogs that we follow.  Although this format was great for our first
release, we also agreed that it would be a lot more helpful to have the full
details of this content on VentureFizz.

Thus, we are excited to announce our new Blog section, which is properly named Voices!  The goal of
this section is to provide highly useful and relevant content for all parties
interested in Boston’s tech community.

VentureFizz has added a number serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists,
and experts to its growing roster of guest bloggers.  Sample topics
include: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Success Stories, Lessons Learned, etc.

To get things kicked off… over the next couple of weeks, we will be
releasing some of our favorite blog posts by our remarkable lineup of guest

Although some of these posts have already been published, we are excited to
include them as part of our new blog section and we feel that they are certainly worth revisiting!


Please note:  A.  The comments section is being completed and will be released soon.  B.  The original lists of blogs will be moved to our
Resources section shorty.  Each listing will fall under a new category that we will create called "Blogs."