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TVision Insights Company Overview

When we look at the way TV has always been measured - a lot is missing from the equation: Who’s actually in the room, and are their eyes even on the screen?

TVision is the leader in TV performance metrics - an advertising technology firm that delivers real-time performance metrics for marketing effectiveness and efficiency. We use cutting edge technology to measure what was once unmeasurable - how people really watch TV. We’re a venture-backed company, deeply immersed in the intersection of data, media, and advertising.

TVision enables the media industry - brands, networks, and data partners alike - to reduce waste and drive greater marketing results. We’re based in New York City, the advertising and media capital of the world, with an office in Boston.

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Our Mission

TVision uses cutting edge technology to measure what was once unmeasurable - how people really watch TV.

Our Culture

Our culture is defined by our core values: we’re passionate about our mission and our projects. We take ownership of our work, we’re honest with one another, and we’re always willing to adjust. We strive to make an impact. Each employee contributes to our success in unique ways, and we’re committed to helping each other thrive. 

Our Tech

We use cutting-edge technology to solve complex and challenging problems. An average day for our engineers includes training and deploying deep learning-based computer vision models, managing tens of thousands of IoT devices, processing big data on Spark, and building new services using Haskell. We’re sticklers for code quality and we’re serious about continuous integration and top-to-bottom automation.

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February 11, 2020
By David Cohen, former President, MAGNA There have never been more options for consumers or opportunities for marketers in the video space. With the streaming wars kicking into high gear, the battle for consumer attention has never been more fierce. As we head into the Upfront season, the conversations around premium video continue to pervade client board rooms and agency war rooms across the industry. Is premium video worth the incremental cost? Does premium video provide a positiv...
February 11, 2020
Report Includes Ad Viewability, Ad Attention and OTT Content Analysis Co-Viewing, Bingeing and Attention Data from TVision’s Streaming Analytics Platform Shows How OTT Content Performs...
February 7, 2020
Hulu's Shrill drove the highest Attention Index for OTT Program and Planet Fitness scored the month's top ad....
February 5, 2020
For many brands, the Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year. With a price tag of $5.6 million per 30-second commercial, it's important to understand how viewers engaged with advertising. Which ads best captured Attention and what learnings can be applied for next year? Take a look below and read more about TVision's data in AdWeek, Forbes, Bain Media, MediaPost, and Broadcasting & Cable....