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We are the technology skills platform. We are a fast-growing SaaS company for businesses and learners. We have expert authors who create on-demand course content for us on the most in-demand technologies like cloud, data, security and infrastructure. (To name just a few!) 

We have skill assessments, content recommendations and analytics that help individuals and teams measure their skills, see where they can improve and reach their goals faster. 

We don’t let fear, egos or drama distract us from our mission. We’re adults, and we treat each other that way. We have the autonomy to do our jobs, transparency to eliminate office politics and trust each other to do the right thing. We thrive in an environment with creativity around every corner, challenges that keep us on our toes, and peers who inspire us to be the best we can be. We bring different viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences, and united by our mission, we are one.

Thanks to our acquisition of Boston-based skills assessment company Smarterer in 2014, we’ve been able to expand our office footprint into the east coast. Our new office sits in Boston’s financial district with panoramic views of the harbour and city. We’re hiring 100+ team members to create a tech hub for our data and machine learning initiatives. With next-level collaboration and a strong culture of learning, we’re known for solving problems and delivering great products.


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New York
Company Description Founded in 2004 and trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Pluralsight is the technology skills platform organizations and individuals in 150+ countries count on to create progress for the world. Job Description The Opportunity: The Manager NA Presales leads the North America Enterprise & Commercial Presales team. This leader focuses on enabling sales across all technical fronts and creating a streamlined, sales enabling environment. The Director NA Presales is an expert in Enterprise SaaS operational sales and business enablement processes, and leads a...
Company Description Job Description Pluralsight is seeking an accomplished Director of Field Marketing to drive regional demand generation plans for the Americas Enterprise segment in the East region and partner with local sales leaders to support business goals and billings targets. This individual will be responsible for defining and deploying a best-in-class field marketing strategy that is focused on prospect acquisition, acceleration of partner marketing to the field, pipeline generation, and acceleration to achieve regional goals for our enterprise business. Reporting to the North...
Company Description Founded in 2004 and trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Pluralsight is the technology skills platform organizations and individuals in 150+ countries count on to create progress for the world. Job Description The Opportunity: The Enterprise Account Manager is responsible for generating revenue for Pluralsight in the assigned territory. This includes providing feedback on market requirements, product capabilities and future industry developments and trends in the assigned region. You will drive the sales based on Pluralsights sales methodology including...
Sales & Business Development
Company Description Job Description About Pluralsight Pluralsight proudly creates the creators of tomorrow: the people who develop the technology that lifts the human condition. We do this through the tech industry's leading learning platform for serious developers, IT and creative professionals. Our team of 700+ innovators and disruptors are serving 3.8 million users in 150+ countries to conquer the tech skills gap. The Opportunity Ever worked on a product where the requirements were dictated to you by stakeholders? Not at Pluralsight. We believe in Human-...
Product Management
Company Description Job Description The Opportunity We are looking to add an experienced Sales Director to lead a fast-paced, highly-visible salesteam that generates revenues and exceeds organizational and individual quotas. You'll beinstrumental in driving the Pluralsight sales and company strategy.We are looking for anexperienced, driven sales manager with a proven track record of success in software using avalue-driven sales approach. Ideal candidates will possess strong sales leadership experience,having sold software solutions to commercial and enterprise companies at...
Sales & Business Development
Company Description Job Description The Opportunity Ever worked on a product where the requirements were dictated to you by stakeholders? Not at Pluralsight. We believe in Human-Centered Design, autonomous teams, and the customer breaking the tie. Which means you will be working on a cross-functional team with a product manager and dev team who all share the same focus: learning from our internal and external customers and using that knowledge to decide what problems to solve and how to solve them. This is why we look for practitioners who are experienced, good at...
Company Description Job Description At Pluralsight, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to create progress through technology and develop the skills of tomorrow. As a Sr. Business Analyst on our Experience Strategy & Operations team, you will play a critical role in helping learners achieve their goals. You will partner with senior leaders in the learner experience organization to drive product strategy and deliver solutions to meet learner needs. This entails structuring, scoping, and leading analyses to identify opportunities to improve learner outcomes, grow their...
HR, Finance, & Operations
Company Description Job Description We are looking for a senior software engineer who is passionate about innovating and creating new products. If you like to learn by doing and want to radically redesign how the world learns, this is the team for you! You will be working on a cross-functional team with a Product Manager, UX Designer, DevOps Engineer, Machine Learning Engineers, and Data Scientists. Youll be part of a team that is user focused, has a mentality for experimentation, and iterates quickly. This person will be focusing on front end developing using tools like JavaScript...
Company Description Founded in 2004 and trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Pluralsight is the technology skills platform organizations and individuals in 150+ countries count on to create progress for the world. Job Description The Opportunity: The Solutions Architect functions as the expert in traditional SaaS presales & Pluralsight products & services. This individual removes technical roadblocks perceived or actual, understands & solves enterprise customer pain points, & delivers a world class pre-contract experience for the Enterprise NA market. The...
Company Description Job Description Pluralsight Business Development Representatives have the opportunity to align marketing with sales and be the catalyst for new revenue into the pipeline. As a steward of your performance, you realize the dependency the sales team and Pluralsight have on you for this pipeline and are committed to it. You are the future Account Executives and Sales Leaders of Pluralsight and align with our values, behaviors, and performance to take you there. Who you are committed to being: You are accountable for your work You are a self-starter who is...
Sales & Business Development
Company Description Job Description Pluralsight is seeking an enthusiastic, detail-oriented marketer with a strong background of organizational and operational skills to join our North America Field Marketing Specialist team. As a positive contributor to the marketing organization, you will be responsible for supporting the execution of national demand plans, including in-person events and related programs. Reporting to the North America Field Marketing Operations Manager, you will partner with our Field Marketing leaders to determine priorities that help generate awareness and demand. The...
Company Description Job Description The Guidance team helps Pluralsight learners find the best path to develop their skills through all the available content that Pluralsight has. Come work with a team that is pushing on new ways to help people spend less time deciding what and how to learn and more time learning. Ways we work: Autonomous & responsible teams - making their own product & dev choices (https://www.pluralsight.com/tech-blog/team-responsibilty) Data first - we work with large volumes of data to build scalable solutions for our products Software...
60 State Street, Suite 800
Boston, MA 02109
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA


Pluralsight Values


Our leaders demonstrate integrity, honesty and openness. Guided by our values, they create a judgement-free zone and set clear agreements to help everyone succeed.

Pluralsight Values


We don’t let miles, departments or titles keep us from listening to great ideas. Everyone at Pluralsight has a voice and we want to hear it. Failure is OK. Fear of failure is not.

Pluralsight Values


Our values show up in everything we do from conducting meetings to hiring new team members. It’s how we gut-check our behaviors and lead by example.

Pluralsight Values


From creating an inclusive culture to ensuring we hire from a diverse range of candidates, we are committed to building a workplace of balance and belonging.

Pluralsight Values


Pluralsight One is our pledge to drive significant, lasting social impact by equipping people and nonprofits with essential technology skills.

Pluralsight Values


Learning is at the core of who we are. Our fast-paced environment and culture of learning give everyone the chance to grow and evolve.

Ellen Thompson Pluralsight
Ellen Thompson
Special Projects Leader

My 2.3 years of being a part of Pluralsight has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me both personally and professionally. I've been able to work with THE brightest and kindest people, all of whom are united together to change the world for the better. Pair this with the incredible benefits packages, extraordinary leadership team, and steady astronomical success? If you had asked me if it was possible to find a company like this ~2 years ago, I would've said no.

Shayna Cummings
Software Engineer

Shayna is passionate about advancing educational opportunities for everyone. She serves as a Director for Women Who Code in Boston, a teaching assistant for Girl Develop It and an instructor at General Assembly.

“Greater access to technical education is not only essential for empowering learners, but integral to helping our industry grow and bring in the diversity needed for businesses to evolve. Women and people from underrepresented backgrounds in tech need to be supported and empowered to grow in their roles.

Tech is changing (and has already changed) everything about our lives, and the more people involved in the creation and decision making, the better."

Senior Content Technologist

Isaac is an author, speaker, technologist and STEM education advocate, and currently leading the Pluralsight Skills Strategy team. He is active in STEM/STEAM initiatives, and is focused on improving lives through education.

"Pluralsight’s mission is my mission. I had an experience where I realized I wanted to do something about STEM education. Not just worry about it, not complain
that, ‘someone ought to do something,’ but to actually find a career path that will allow me to make a difference. I found Pluralsight, and the rest is history.

Doing things for myself makes me happy; doing things for others makes me joyful."

Maureen Botoman
Engineering Manager

A self-taught programmer, Maureen is a strong advocate for junior devs. She was pivotal in starting Pluralsight’s summer internship program, now in its second year, and is a teaching assistant for the organization Girl Develop It.

“The commitment to being a steward of our community, both in Utah and globally, is one of my favorite things about Pluralsight. We are all so fortunate to have the opportunities that we have, and as a company, we need to come together to help other people receive the same opportunities. We empower people from all walks of life to obtain the tools and skills needed to change the world. Creating pathways for success for people to skill up and find meaningful work, whether or not they grew up with financial means, is one of the most rewarding things I have ever worked on.”

Lead Analytics Engineer - Experienc

Curtis is a data visualization expert and Tableau Ambassador, and holds the title of 2016 Tableau Iron Viz champion.

“It’s hard for me to envision a future where my children don’t have the fundamental need for being well-versed in technology. Pluralsight is working on making that a reality in our schools. Our commitment to uplifting the lives of youth is one of the biggest reasons I came to work here.

My favorite opportunity that has stemmed from my Tableau Ambassador status is being able to teach data visualization in the MSIS program at the University of Utah. It’s really cool to be able to promote online technology education by day, and contribute in the classroom environment by night!”

Saswati Samantaray
Data Science Analyst

At the age of 25, Saswati moved from India to Utah to pursue a master’s degree in information systems.

“Coming from a culturally diverse and vibrant country like India, I have witnessed people who have access to the highest level of education, and also people with strong potential who have no access. Working for Pluralsight gives me immense pleasure because of the hope that we will be able to make a positive impact and elevate the lives of bright young people.

At Pluralsight we are a community of lifelong learners—we adapt to change and move forward. There is no greater privilege than doing the work that you actually love, and contributing to build a brighter future for society.”


February 13, 2020
So you’ve got an idea for something to build - awesome! - but maybe that code doesn’t really make sense to build into something servable, like a webapp. Instead, you want to make a shareable utility, so other users can run your tool on the fly. Building your code into a proper Python package is great, but you might not really need other users to integrate your code, at a granular level, into their own - rather, they might just need to be able to trigger tools in an ad-hoc fashion wit...
January 30, 2020
Blazor is a hot new framework from Microsoft for creating interactive front end applications in C#. In this article, we’re going to show how you can put your Blazor applications into containers for development and deployment. We’ll use the .NET Core CLI, so the commands shown will work the same regardless of platform. Blazor Hosting Models There are two hosting models for Blazor development, and their requirements are different, so I’ll split this post based on those two models...
January 9, 2020
Python is, in general, an exceptionally flexible programming language - and this extends to its environment management. Unfortunately, that can mean that it’s exceptionally easy for your Python install(s) to become a messy, convoluted trash fire. A whole host of environment management tools exist to tame this mess… but this can end up being even more convoluted, especially for a new Python developer! In this post, we’ll go through the pros and cons of available tools so you ca...
December 19, 2019
One of the common difficulties I’ve seen with new Data Scientists coming into industry is getting their machine learning models interacting with production systems - that is, making the jump from their research environment (usually developing in a Jupyter notebook or similar) to a broader code ecosystem. Putting the model behind a REST API ensures that we can serve predictions to consumers on the fly, independent of the compute resources, scale, and even the languages chosen for the rest o...
December 5, 2019
Test-driven development (TDD) is a methodology that programmers use to produce higher quality code. The “typical” procedure of coding has been code first, test second. TDD swaps this mindset by focusing on testing before the actual coding happens. This article is a brief overview of the fundamentals with a small example of how it works. We will be using Python, and more specifically the unittest framework provided in the standard Python library....