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Springpad Doubles User Base to 2 Million in 6 Months, Over 27 Million Items Saved

Oct 13, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

Boston based Springpad, ‘the smart note app,’ that helps you stay organized and remember the things you like and which are important to you, just announced a major user milestone. Springpad’s users have doubled in the past 6 months from one million to two million. The recent surge in user growth...

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Bluefin Labs Enhances Metrics for Television-Driven Social Media to Include Detailed Audience Profiling

Oct 12, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

MIT Media Lab startup Bluefin Labs, which has incredible technology that discovers and analyzes, in real-time, what people say via social media about the shows and ads that they’re watching on television, has just made two big enhancements to their first product offering Bluefin Signals. Bluefin Signals...

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Socialize, Shop & Discover Hot New Gadgets with Curisma

Oct 5, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

When looking for new gadgets on the internet it is easy to get lost in Amazon, Best Buy or any number of e-commerce sites. These sites throw a ton of products at you with no regard for what you are actually looking for. A new startup that launched yesterday is hoping to change your gadget buying...

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Do You Like Working at a Startup or Just the Idea of Working at a Startup?

Sep 27, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

Over the past few years I have started to see an unnerving trend. Being an entrepreneur or working at a startup is now the “cool thing to do.” Before startups, working at a Hedge Fund was the “it” job. And by no means am I an expert in startups (yet) but my experience over the last few years has led me to observe...

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Hey Startups: Don’t be Shy About Your Competition

Sep 21, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

First some background – I started Kinvey, a Cloud Backend as a Service for mobile and tablet apps, in September 2010. Since then, we successfully went through the TechStars program in Boston, launched our Beta and raised $2M in a Seed Round of Financing. We now have almost 1000 developers signed up for our Beta and we’re growing our team to improve our product... Read more

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How Entrepreneurs Are Reinventing the Advertising Industry

Sep 13, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

I pitch brands and agencies every day. Not a day goes by that CampusLIVE doesn’t respond to a request for a proposal (RFP) or brainstorm internally for a big pitch with media buyers. I’ll be honest: it’s not easy . . . at first. The very nature of the agency job – creating massive campaigns for massive brands – means dollars float to the top. The companies... Read more

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Oh Ya, Facebook Offered to Buy SCVNGR for $80 Million: Could Have Powered Facebook Deals & Places

Sep 7, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

And here lies the beauty in writing pieces that people in the community actually care about. Just like the HubSpot post that we published a few weeks ago, the latest SCVNGR/LevelUp piece sparked some conversation in this town. Yes, both articles got circulated throughout the community and received a good deal of comments (some nicer than others... Read more

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Is SCVNGR/LevelUp’s Latest Marketing Ploy a Cry for Help?

Aug 30, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

Over the last few days I have noticed some odd status updates coming from the LevelUp Twitter handle. Status updates different than any other in the past and some that could be signaling of some troubled waters ahead. We’ll get to that in a second though, let’s take a quick walk down memory lane to bring you up to speed. SCVNGR was founded in 2008 by Princeton dropout... Read more

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Epiphany: What is HubSpot?

Aug 25, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

After hitting publish on the last HubSpot piece about the Guiness Book of World records I just came to one alarming conclusion. I have NEVER used their software or even SEEN it. Frankly, I am not so sure that it exists (contrary to their 4,500 clients of course). A colleague of mine, Chase Garbarino claims that he tried it a few years ago on a 30 day... Read more

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HubSpot to Acquire oneforty [Sources]

Aug 17, 2011
Publisher: BostInno

Update: The acquisition is finally confirmed 4:3opm 8/18/2011. Here are the announcements. One and Two. Fresh off its Performable acquisition it looks like HubSpot is about to acquire another Boston based social media company. Sources close to the deal are telling us that HubSpot will acquire oneforty’s current employees along with their content... Read more

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