VideaHealth is transforming Dentistry by combining advanced AI of x-ray images with integrated software that dramatically improves diagnoses and streamlines insurance claims processing. Patients get better recommendations, dentists learn faster, and insurers reduce fraud, waste and abuse in real time. Our AI factory continuously expands the range of conditions we can detect, including those that affect broader medical risks. Our UI and integration capability makes it easy to get rapid time-to-value for dental practices and insurers.

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VideaHealth is on a mission to improve the lives of billions of people around the globe. We do this by bringing Artificial Intelligence powered solutions to the world of dentistry.  

VideaHealth is growing fast. We are a diverse, passionate team, based in the Boston area, striving to be on the leading edge of computing, AI, and healthcare.

  • Values
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


• We are ambitious in our mission. We want to bring better health to millions of people globally by changing dentistry through AI.

• This is more than a job: We are motivated by our responsibility to patients and customers.

• We are selfless in pursuing our collective mission, balancing and prioritizing company goals ahead of individual goals when necessary to ensure company success.

• We adapt, persevere, and finesse our way through roadblocks and find a way to continue moving forward.

Championship Team Mentality:

• We support each other on our journey forward. We actively look for ways to collaborate and learn from each other to help our customers overcome their challenges while building an exceptional team and productive environment.

• Feedback is a gift: We motivate each other to do our best work and give, receive and welcome constructive feedback with positive intent.

• We are drivers and not passengers: Regardless of our job descriptions, we observe what needs to be done and spring to action.

• We celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes as a team.

Strive for Excellence:

• We strive for excellence in our work: We act with a sense of urgency, with high standards, and constantly learn.

• We have a sense of urgency. If something can benefit from action now, it should be done promptly

• We keep ourselves to a high standard of working smart, perfecting our craft, and driving hard while balancing this out for individual long-term resilience.

• We have a growth mindset as individuals and as a team; we think about how we can do something better or faster and how we can learn


At Videa we firmly believe that our differences provide unique perspectives and experiences that help us to build a better whole. We are committed to building a diverse team that recognizes the value in bringing individuals from an assortment of backgrounds together in collaboration. Not just because it's the right thing to do, but also because it forms the basis for how our organization will thrive.