51 - 100 employees
Series B
Enterprise Software / SaaS

Midaxo Company Overview

Midaxo is an end-to-end work management solution that supports all M&A deal stages and helps teams work better together.

Smart companies constantly improve their core businesses and adjust their structure to succeed in the modern world. To drive effective M&A and CorpDev, they assemble the right talent, playbooks, and tools for the job.

With Midaxo, they review 5x more deals, react to opportunities faster, focus on high-priority deals, and track pipeline progress against growth targets. They avoid risks and capture value by running due diligence and integration 50% faster. More about Smart M&A at www.midaxo.com.

Jobs at Midaxo


We live by the Work Hard, Play Hard mantra here at Midaxo. Cross-departmental collaboration means we each take personal stake in each others’ success, whether that’s working together to hit our business goals or taking out the opposing team in a round of paintball or trampoline dodgeball.

With over 60 Midaxians across 15 different nationalities, our international team is made up of the brightest and most dedicated software engineers, marketers and M&A experts in the world. Our Sales, Marketing and Customer Success teams are in Boston, New York City and Amsterdam, and our Development hubs are in Helsinki and Riga.

Our Values

Driven by our customer’s success

Our customer’s success is essential to our own success. We aim to add value and exceed expectations with every customer interaction.

Brave & Bold

Think big, start small, go fast! We value people who take initiative and are willing to experiment on the path to greatness. We grow fast, fail fast, learn fast, and adjust on our way to success.

Always be Growing

It doesn’t matter where we come from, it matters what we are capable of as individuals. We believe that investing in employee’s growth means investing in the Company’s growth. We love the challenge that growth brings, we seek it out, and we thrive on it.

Respectful & Inclusive

We don’t believe in false hierarchy, we believe in the strength of an idea. Regardless of an individual’s background, experience or title, we value differences and everyone’s contribution.

Get S#!t Done

We thrive in a high-achieving environment where we hold ourselves, and each other, accountable to work as hard as we can. We value the need to balance this drive with the need to take time off and live full lives outside of work, in order to remain a high performance company.

Humble & Grateful

We acknowledge our past successes and are appreciative of where we are now. We respect the work that has been done, and the work that needs 

51 Melcher St,
Boston, MA 02210

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