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At Amwell, we digitally empower our clients’ health care ambitions.

We connected with members of Amwell's team to get an inside look at the company's day-to-day operations. 

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Quick Hit Company Details

  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Number of employees: 500-1000
  • Industry: Digital Health

Can you share the details on what Amwell does?

A leading digital care delivery enablement platform, connecting and enabling providers, insurers, patients, and innovators to deliver greater access to more affordable, higher quality care. They support the full spectrum of care needs and power digital health solutions for over 2,000 hospitals, and 55 health plan partners with over 36,000 employers, reaching over 90 million lives. 

What’s your company’s current working environment for employees?

Amwell’s current working environment is Virtual First. This means that remote work is our primary experience for all employees, with in-person gatherings for team collaboration happening less frequently but being coordinated more thoughtfully. Virtual First also allows employees to flex their schedules.

With Virtual First work we can focus on high impact work, increasing flexibility, using technology to connect, and ensuring equity in experience. 

What are your company’s core values or how would you best describe the culture at Amwell?

Customer First: Understand and support clients, embrace change and innovate and Enrich patient-provider relationships.

One Team: Be informed and speak up, celebrate our similarities, honor our differences, Hire, and develop outstanding people, and serve our communities.

Deliver Awesome: Bring passion and energy, work with agility and a sense of urgency, act with integrity, be accountable for results, and deliver quality in all we do.

Working at Amwell feels like stepping into a workplace designed for you, where the virtual-first approach mirrors your ideal workstyle. The benefits aren't just checkboxes – they're a testament to our commitment, offering flexibility, mental health support, and the space to give back through volunteer days. It's a vibrant community where your unique perspective shapes initiatives like our DE&I Committee and Amwell Cares, making every day a chance to create meaningful impact.

How does your company address the importance of work-life balance and flexibility for its employees?

At Amwell, we're not just embracing the future of work, we're revolutionizing it. Our Virtual First approach isn't just about location, it's about lifestyle. We've supercharged our practices to ensure work-life balance gets the attention it deserves.

We've made it a rule that internal meetings are scheduled with a clear purpose and intent. And here's the kicker – they start five or ten minutes after the hour, giving you those much-needed breathers in between.

We understand that the world doesn't run on one clock. That's why we've made it a habit to include our time zones in email signatures. It's a small touch that makes a big difference, helping colleagues connect and collaborate across time zones with ease.

Lastly, we're taking a step further in promoting holistic well-being by encouraging employees to step away from the screen, soak in some sunlight, and let the ideas flow as they connect with your internal team members through audio while on the move. 

And when the situation allows, we embrace thoughtful, in-person meeting opportunities. We understand the value of face-to-face collaboration, and when appropriate, we're creating spaces for meaningful interactions that go beyond the virtual realm.

What types of activities are employees involved in?

Amwell provides ample virtual connection opportunities for employees around the world such as a Book Club open to all employees who enjoy reading various genres and categories.  

In addition, Amwell Cares is a program committed to working with and supporting organizations and causes that align with our corporate mission. In 2023, employees were given opportunities to participate in:

Environment Awareness Month which included employee activities like Sustainability Bingo and Tree planting with One Tree Planted.  

Mental Health Awareness Month which included 12 days of happiness advent calendar activity and a virtual self-defense class. 

Advancing Health Equity Summer Activity where winners could select a charity of their choosing dedicated to advancing health equity.

Amwell provides thoughtful DEI&B events throughout the year such as our Juneteenth Virtual Block Party featuring an employee spotlight, employee open mic for storytelling, and a game of trivia, encouraging our employees and committee members to recall previous block parties, the holiday’s significance, and other fun pop culture facts.

Employee Testimonials

Christopher Williams Amwell

Christopher Williams, L2 Technical Support Specialist

“Working at Amwell has been a game-changer for me. The flexibility of working from home has provided me the opportunity to care for my pets and family whilst performing my day-to-day duties. Throughout my tenure at Amwell, I have been privileged with the focus on work-life balance and cultural communication that Amwell truly offers.“

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At Amwell, we digitally empower our clients’ health care ambitions.

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