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Tomorrow’s home equity, today.

Hometap is a smart new loan alternative, enabling homeowners to be paid today for the equity they’ve accumulated in their property, without any interest or monthly payments required. By tapping into the built-in value of a home, we help homeowners fund whatever goals or opportunities they have: start a business, buy a second home, get out from under crippling debt, or pay for college tuition.
Hometap invests alongside homeowners, providing cash today and participating in the proceeds at the time of sale. For homeowners, this is a simplified, sensible alternative to mortgage debt and monthly payments. For investors, this is a new asset class, allowing them to participate in the multi-trillion-dollar residential real estate market without the obligations and downsides of homeownership.

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Hometap has an ambitious mission to make homeownership less stressful and more accessible. Our vision is to make the idea of bringing on an investor for your home as ubiquitous as borrowing to finance a home is today. We also aspire to build a long lasting durable financial-technology company that becomes a hallmark of the Boston economy. We are passionately building a business and industry that is homeowner-centric and empowers current and prospective homeowners to access their home's equity, free of debt. Our first product allows a homeowner to tap into the built-in value of their home...
Software Engineering/QA
Who you are As Hometaps Senior Software Engineer, you will help define and deliver a world class homeowner and investor experience. You are someone who is mission driven, motivated to deliver results, and passionate about quality. This is a small tech team - youll have influence over how and what we build as we scale to service homeowners across the country. You are excited to build, ship and iterate on the software you create. Our growing engineering team will look to you for mentorship and guidance. At Hometap, youll have the opportunity to: Work on homegrown tools essential to...
Software Engineering/QA
Who You Are: We are seeking ambitious, quick-learners, with a positive phone presence and a passion for real estate. You are joining an extremely passionate and hardworking team of Investment Managers playing a pivotal role in the overall success of the company. You will be responsible for guiding homeowners through the investment process from first contact through funding and providing an exceptional customer experience along the way. You will work with warm leads and perform both inbound and outbound sales activities. You'll spend time building relationships with homeowners,...
Sales & Business Development

We’re looking for dreamers, doers, and data crunchers who can take our big idea, break it down, make it better, and bring it to American homeowners. We like optimists and believers who want to fix a problematic system and help others. And — at least until we become a household name — people with the enthusiasm to help tell our story.

800 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02199

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