Assured Allies is the the leading insurtech company for evidence-based successful aging innovation. 

At Assured Allies, we are on a mission to make Successful Aging — the ability to thrive as long as possible without long-term care and to pay for it if needed—accessible to all. 

Our innovative platform combines machine learning and predictive analytics with the latest science-of-aging and essential human support, to offer successful aging programs proven to reduce the risk of disability, and next-generation retirement products that make long-term care insurance accessible and financially sustainable. 

We are reinventing the products that help make successful aging accessible to all older adults by bringing game changing wellness and financial products to hundreds of thousands of consumers across the U.S. To date we have launched two products, AgeAssured and NeverStop. 

We are well funded and growing rapidly. Assured Allies is headquartered in Boston and has an office in Tel Aviv. 

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Assured Allies is tackling one of society’s largest emerging problems: the financial strain placed on families and the economy as a result of the rapidly aging population.

Assured Allies is on a mission to help people make the most out of life by aging on their own terms. Since 2018, Assured Allies has been developing technologies and expertise in aging, working with long-term care industry leaders and insurance companies to better support successful aging. 

It takes a world-class team to solve a such a massive problem. Our approach is to bring smart and curious people, from a range of professional backgrounds, all connected by a shared dedication to make longevity sustainable.

If our mission speaks to you, we would be honored to learn more about you.